Friday, July 9, 2010

Nibbles and Bites

Instead of trying to embed the trailer for the new movie, VAMPIRES SUCK, I'll just give you a link (otherwise it'll run off the page here, because I can never figure how to make them fit). now has new Wick'd Potions by Jfay.  The fragrances come as potion necklaces or potion bottles.  They ship in a cute little black coffin box!

The Chop Shop, who has donated fab prizes to VampChix previously, has a clearance sale on their tee shirts and prints.  You can get the weBite t-shirt for a mere $10!  And the letterpress print is only $8!

VampChix received the Versatile Blogger award from Vampirique Dezire over at her blog.  Thanks!

Ever hear of a Vampire Orchid?  Samantha Hunter has a pic at her blog today!