Saturday, August 14, 2010

Did you know...?

Wild roses are supposed to keep vampires away.  Placing the branch of a wild rose inside a vampire's coffin will keep him from rising.  And fashioning a cross from the thorns of a wild rose plant is also an effective deterrent against the fanged ones.

The wild roses mentioned in Dracula may have been the hawthorne shrub.  Just imagine them planted about the vampire's grave.  They rise at night and become entangled in the wicked thorns.

Or so we can hope.  (At least that it keeps back the bad vamps; we'll take the broody, romantic ones.)


Gabriel said...

Hello Michelle

This bit of trivia was used in Fright Night: Part 2 after Charlie Brewster's new girlfriend speed-read Dracula in the library and then used that knowledge of a rose bush to fend off a werewolf attack!

You don't see it used on Jerry Dandridge's vampire sister but I'd assume it would work on her too.

Funny considering the red rose is used a lot to portray an aspect of Gothic Romance...

Shauna Leigh Atkinson said...

Awesome, love it! I'm reading Dracula now in a reading group... :) Very cool. Like the bit about the cross too. And it seems to fit with Gothic Romance too in my opinion, thorns and all, LOL! =] Nice post!