Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest: Rebecca Maizel

Hey, VampChix!  We've got author of the vamp story, INFINITE DAYS here today with us.  Please welcome Rebecca Maizel!

When asked to write guest posts these days, I find myself at a loss for words. I stare at the computer waiting to be inspired. I have coffee, walk around, go to the gym, stare some more. Then I try to write the story in the words of my characters and this is what happens:

My name is Lenah Beaudonte, I am a 592 year old monster. I am a killer, I am ruthless and all I want is to find my humanity. Are you afraid of beasts? Monsters? Vampires who lurk in the night? Believe me, if a vampire wants you, at least one of my brethren, we will find you and you will know it.

See? Isn’t that much more voicey? The story of Infinite Days revolves around 592 year old Lenah Beaudonte, a murderer who has been a vampire for a long time. Rhode Lewin is her sire, her maker and her lover and he’s a hundred years older than her - see, the longer a person is a vampire in my world, the more the sanity eats away at their minds. A respite from the insanity is love and Rhode and Lenah are very much in love. But a ritual tears them apart. I tried to base my vampire lore within the elemental world, that is the elements: earth, air, wind and fire. It’s a world we recognize, the human world, on earth, it’s just a part of the world we don’t see. It’s also the kind of world where a specific kind of magic and knowledge exists. Lenah tries to teach the reader some of this magic through her narration of Infinite Days.

When Rhode performs the ritual to make Lenah human, it comes with a sacrifice - his life. Lenah is left to negotiate her past. She has to deal with her murderers, her guilt and her sudden ability to be able to feel again; I mean feel quite literally. In my vampire world, you can’t feel or touch. Sure, you can use your arms, use your faculties but the nerve endings are dead, everything is dead so all you have left is the mind and after long enough...that goes too. So how does Lenah fair when she enters back into the human world? She feels, she experiences, she takes life on with everything she’s got. Will she make it out alive? That’s for you to tell me!

Here is a quote from Infinite Days....this is about midway through the novel, as Lenah experiences a friend’s family and Halloween for the first time.

"The mornings in my father’s house smelled like fresh tilled earth and summer grass. As I rested my head on my pillow dreaming away, my father would whisper, “Lenah” rousing me from sleep. We would walk through the orchards, discussing this and that, spending as much time together as we could before the day turned to work. Justin’s mother – her one look said it all. I had forgotten what it meant to be a daughter. I had been queen for so long.
I could almost taste the apples in my father’s orchard, feel the explosion of tart sweetness on my tongue when Justin’s fingers gently grasped mine. The soft touch disrupted my thoughts and the images from my home blew away as all memories do, like smoke. We walked out of the house."

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Rain Maiden said...

I just finished Infinite Days last night. I loved it!!! It's like no other vampire story I have ever read. I glad I didn't pass this one up.

Michele Hauf said...

This story sounds too cool! I have to pick it up!

Jen D. said...

I've read lots of good things about his book. Looking forward to picking up a copy.