Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest: Teresa L. Jones

Please welcome Teresa L Jones today with an intriguing look into the history of Vlad Dracula!

My name is Teresa L. Jones. I wrote the novel, “My Vladislaus Dracula”, because I wanted to set the records straight about Dracula's name, his true character, and the myths about him.

Vlad Dracula was a fifteenth century Romanian Prince, and a hero to his people. The documents written about him were mainly spread to tarnish his reputation and condemn him to prison. Even modern day stories used his name, degrading this man to a mythical creature. But, after 500 years of so much distorting of facts, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to find about Vlad Dracula? I dug deep into Romanian and Hungarian history. I searched every website and purchased many books. I use the name, Vladislaus Dracula, because that is the way he signed his name on many documents. I also visited the historical path of Vlad Dracula and found a man so much more misunderstood than anyone in history. Because, even after his death, many of his enemies made up stories about him, and to this day are still believed about him. An example of just one fabrication was the famous impaling portrait where you see Vlad Dracula sitting at a table, eating a meal, while many impaled victims are rotting on steaks all around him. This portrait was one of the most damaging to his career, and I found out it was a fabrication. Here in this famous scene, Dracula was said to have impaled over 30,000 people in the town of Brasov on Timpa hill. The population of Brasov and the surrounding villages at the time was only around 13,000. And to impale just one person took around 5-8 men about an hour. How long do you think it would take for 30,000 people to be impaled? It was also interesting how he got through Brasov‘s custom points without having Brasov‘s mercenary force come after him, especially being there long enough to impale 30,000 people. This right away, did not make sense to me. I couldn’t believe people thought any of this information was truthful. Vlad Dracula’s life was amazing and after finding the truth, it angered me to see all the lies still being told about him.

For my novel, I used a character,(Amelia Justine Kari) that could be misunderstood just as much as Dracula was. Then, I threw Amelia into a head spinning tale about Vlad’s life. You will be surprised what a few drops of blood will do? I only use this statement, due to bloods power. People misunderstand the way blood is used in many movies. It can be life saving to one person, but yet if given to the wrong person, it can be deadly, so blood in itself is very powerful. I have to say, the reason I like vampire movies has also been misunderstood. From a teenager, I watched every movie about vampires I could get my hands on. They seemed to have a constant theme. It wasn’t just the need for blood, but for a connection to another character. I am talking about the way the vampire finds someone he wants, risks everything to get that someone, and then fights off everyone to keep that someone. But, the connection they have between them is closer than any connection anyone could have with another person, alive or in this case, dead. They share their blood to form that bond, but it was that bond that they have that makes them risk everything to stay together. That connection to that individual is so powerful. In real life, we call it true love. As a teenager, I thought of it as the most romantic thing ever. I can see why teens are so enthused about the new movies out in theaters.

But, as far as my novel is concerned, my character, Amelia Justine Kari, is a medical technician, who loves watching vampire movies. Because of Amelia’s overwhelming fascination with Vlad Dracula and her captivation with vampire movies, she has always been misunderstood. Amelia’s quest for the truth about Vlad Dracula overwhelms her to the point she books a flight to Romania, and decides to go on a historical tour. But, in the beautiful lands of Romania, something is already in search of her. With as much historical information this novel has, I am hoping more people will be knowledgeable about Vlad Dracula. There is so much more to this courageous man. So throw out everything you think you know about Dracula. Throw it out, and let Amelia Justine Kari, enlighten you about the life and love, of “My Vladislaus Dracula

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Lou Gagliardi said...

He signed documents as vladislaus? really? As a man who is studying his family's history and finding connections to this man, I only find connections to "Vlad Tepes Dracula" or "Draculae" or any one of the Romanian spellings.

I, personally, have never come across Vladislaus, but if its true, it's a fascinating piece of information.