Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looking for your 'bites' about Dracula!

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We're holding The Dracula Event at Bite Club in October!

Authors, bloggers and publishers can participate by being featured once during the event on a daily post with a 'bite' about DRACULA.

For example: "Enter freely, and of your own will." spoken by Dracula to Johnathon Harker, is Michele Hauf's favorite quote. Her latest vampire romance is SEDUCING THE VAMPIRE. (My name would be linked to my website)

You may want to send us your favorite quote from DRACULA. Or you might want to explain how you think DRACULA has influenced the horror genre. Or how the story has influenced your own fiction. Or maybe you want to detail your favorite scene from the story. Anything related to the story that can be said in a few words.

We are looking for short blurbs/quotes. From one sentence to about three or four sentences max. Think sidebar blurb. Something short that we can use at the bottom of our regular blog post for the day, or perhaps we'll list three or four of these snippets on a daily post. It's an added extra we think will make The Dracula Event something special, and give authors/bloggers/pubs a chance to gently promote a link to their own site. We will have a blog button/small banner available to put on your site during October to help us promote this event.

Don't forget to include your name or blog, and if an author, the title of your current release. We will make the names clickable links, so include one URL that you want people to go to after reading your blurb. That can be your website, a book page, FB, Twitter, or blog. Bite Club reserves the right to suggest you shorten your submission if we deem it too long.

Email Anna at: if interested in participating

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E.J. Stevens said...

Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event. I can't wait for October. :)

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