Thursday, September 16, 2010

The fang debate

I recently read an article at an entertainment blog that talked about fang position in vampires.  Seems people have their preferences.  The most common place for fangs seems to be the canine position, with the lateral incisor position as a close second.  Though some movies and books have placed the vamp's fangs front and center.

Fangs can be tiny little things that might only puncture through the skin and the vein, or massive, gnawing instruments of destruction.  Some can be willed down by the vampire, others are permanently down.  Some flick out and retract back against the roof of the mouth, much like snake teeth (as I've been told they do in True Blood).

This is my opinion: it doesn't really matter where the fangs are, or how they're shaped.  What matters most when the vampire is drinking his victim's blood is that the fangs are out of the way when it comes time to suck blood.  Yes?  You only need the fangs to puncture the vein, then they should retract so you can do some serious feeding.  Because how to feed when those pointy things are in the way making a mess of the flesh?

On the other hand, some horror vamps probably prefer that total destruction of flesh, veins, and the entire neck, so they have no worry that their fangs are down.  Think Blade and those wicked hinged jaws full of deadly fangs.  And Nosferatu featured the fanged central incisors.

So what about you?  Do you have a preference for fang placement?  Do you think it matters?  


Scare Sarah said...

Oh dear, I'm about to sound sad here but I prefer the fangs to be more spaced out. I don't like it when they're too close together. Like eyes. But that's just me. *goes and files teeth down*

jessica said...

most fangs are suppose to be like hollow needles so they sucks the blood through them. and i prefer the canines that slide down, so that they are not visible at all time. they look more natural and therefor are sexier. the ones that pop out like true blood are like a snakes so i understand how they are possible but they look fake.

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Michele,

Love the post. Yes, I absolutely do have a preference! I love the fangs to be in the canine position. The images of fangs in the lateral incisor position look odd to me. My type of vamp has canine fangs that stay down at "all" times. He should have fangs, and is not afraid to show them. Really...he's got nothing to be afraid of, it's the victim that should be scared. Speaking of fear, that grey Nosferatu image doesn't correlate at all, with the vamp image in my psyche.(You just ruined the sex appeal.) Shudders...

Michele Hauf said...

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the 'straw like' fangs, which I've read in a story or two, where the fangs are hollowed to actually suck the blood through the tooth. But I always wonder where the blood would go from there. Must have some weird system that funnels it, well...well discuss where the blood goes and how it gets integrated into the vampire in a future post, cause that's a whole 'nother debate. :-)

Jo-Anne Kenrick said...

Great post. Intersting question.

Me? I'm a canine girl. They're discrete, and classic. Otherwise, i fear, the vampire would stand the chance of looking a bit...goofy? Like Bugs Bunny or something? No?
That is of course, unless they are as scary as hell... then they'll be far from resembling cute Bugsy.

Michele Hauf said...

I prefer canines, too, but I like them to retract up into normal position before the vamp drinks the blood.

Anonymous said...

Okay that whole beaver look just does nothing for me. Nor do the stupid as$ fangs those True Blood vamps have... seriously they look like crappy tooth picks and whats up with the sound effects? { I like the show just not the fangs }. Um, I don't like the paranna teeth like those vamps in
"28 Days Later" {???} have. I prefer the upper canines, I think they're more sexy dangerous. And I perfer them to retract back into the gums like normal teeth when not ripping out someones neck. :)

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I prefer the canines. I don't like the little tiny fangs that look like catfish teeth either.(see pic of Diver's book cover "Vamped" & "Revamped"

Emme Toaye said...

I prefer my fangs at the k-9 position and having a hollow needle point to inject my own flavor of X-tasty into the intended tryst treat lover. The fangs themselves are there for the puncture factor not as a sucking appendage.

Raven Corinn Carluk said...

I'm a canine girl, permanently down. Not giant dog fangs, but nice sharp razor fangs.

And I dislike the snikt noise in True Blood. Or fangs on the lateral incisor. They just look silly.

@Jessica Rabbit, that's 30 Days of Night. 28 Days Later was about zombies.

Anonymous said...

I prefer ones that completely violate all laws of proper human dental anatomy that really gives the feel of an unnatural, paranormal, inhuman being crossing onto uncanny valley territory. Some ideas I thought of include:
--Fangs on the roof of the mouth (similar to reptile/amphibian vomerine teeth)
--Fangs on the lower jaw (puncturing the underside of the neck for easier blood-slurping)
--Fangs and teeth on the tongue (Xenomorph-style)
--No teeth at all except for two fangs (vampires have a specialized fully liquid diet and don't need to chew)
--Lots of small pointed teeth (similar to the titans of Attack on Titan)
--Normal-looking teeth, but a long retractable proboscis emerging from the throat that punctures and drains blood
--Five-inch saber-like canines (like the extinct Smilodon) kept concealed in bony flanges when the mouth is closed

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a beaver look or straw-like fang gal ;))) smexy am I rite lassies???