Friday, September 17, 2010

Spotlight on Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

We wanted to spotlight Chelsea Quinn Yarbro today to call attention to some of her older titles that are being rereleased by E-Reads in electronic format and print-on-demand trade paperback editions.

THE PALACE is the second novel in Yarbro's historical horror series featuring the vampire Count Saint-Germain.
In The Palace, Renaissance Florence provides the background for this story of the collapse of the artistic and literary life of the city after the death of Saint-Germain’s friend Lorenzo the Magnificent, followed by the rise of the fanatical Savonarola.

As well, another of Yarbro's novels, TO THE HIGH REDOUBT, an epic fantasy novel is also being rereleased by E-Reads.
To The High Redoubt is an engaging, epic fantasy adventure written by the creator of the widely-read series of novels about the immortal vampire known as Le Comte de Saint-Germain.

In his quest for power, Bundhi, Lord of Darkness and stealer of souls, has taken family, vision and freedom from Surata, the last surviving adept in tantric alchemy, before selling her into slavery in a distant land. But he has underestimated the depth of Surata’s power and he could not foresee that destiny would bring her a champion, Arkady, soldier of fortune and destined hero. As their mutual trust deepens and the wellspring of power from which Surata draws her magic is steadily revealed, the two form an unbeatable force as they challenge their enemy in the very heart of his empire. 

And the latest news from Ms. Yarbro's site:
Tor has contracted for An Embarrassment of Riches (set in Bohemia, 1269-72) will be novel #22 in the Saint-Germain Chronicles; Commedia della Morte (France & Italy 1792-94) will be novel #23. (With two short stories collections, that makes them numbers 24 and 25, respectively in the Chronicles as a whole.)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's website.
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Derek Tatum said...

"The Palace" is essential reading.

Michele Hauf said...

Not sure if I've read this one, will probably download a copy just to be sure. ;-)

Wiley said...

Thanks so much for posting the news --- we appreciate it!

All best,
Wiley Saichek

Anna (Bite Club) said...

All of these books are must-reads for me. I have been gathering them for years and it always amazes me that the voice and overall tone have remained the same. I am thrilled that soon we will have more Saint-Germain!!!