Friday, September 24, 2010

Vamp Clothes

Looking for some fun places to find a vampire costume for Halloween?  Or heck, we just like to dress this way all the time.  Check out these cool online stores.

Infectious Threads has goth, punk, cyberpunk clothing.  (Pic to left is from this store).

Gloomth & The Cult of Melancholy has some really cool things.

I love Heavy Red.  I've gotten a few things here.  Spend some time looking through their offerings; you're sure to find something darkly glamourous.  (Pic to right.)

Rivithead.  Aren't you curious?

If your vampire is historical, I love the offerings at Pimpernel Clothing.

That's just a few ideas.  Now tell me your favorite online store for vampish clothing!

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