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Review: Love Bites by Adrienne Barbeau

Book Description:

Ovsanna Moore is a Hollywood siren, horror film legend, and cut throat producer. She also happens to be a 450-year-old vampyre. In the follow-up to the much acclaimed Vampyres of Hollywood, Adrienne Barbeau paints a wonderfully sly portrait of cinematic vampyres, as well as the nature of celebrity, and the entertainment industry. Her “Scream Queen” credentials make her the only author who could combine such a fastpaced, edgy plot with tongue-in-cheek references to the inner workings and vanity of Hollywood. A whirlwind of action, Love Bites is a clever take on vampyres readers will never forget.


Loves Bites is a fun, easy going read with a dash of mystery and good old fashioned detective work, and Barbeau does a fantastic job of creating a vampire world that is new and exciting. A wonderful bonus is that the book is filled to the brim with old Hollywood stars and stories and we are once again reminded why we love the Golden Age so much. At some points I had to make notes to look up some of these snippets at a later time to see if they were based on truth, like the Anais Nin story from page 207, or the the one about Walt Disney a few pages later. The entire book can be used for cocktail party trivia and conversation, especially for fans of old movies.

I found the characters to be well written but it did take me a few pages to start liking Osvanna. At first she seems cold and a bit diva-like but after a scene, early on in the book, where she meets Peter's parents I changed my mind. Osvanna is powerful, capable, strong minded and smart, all wrapped up in a beyond beautiful package. Peter, on the other hand, is immediately likeable and reminded me of Archie Goodwin from the Nero Wolfe series. He's witty, ultra charming and able to take care of business. Any guy that is willing to date a vampire is either a few screws short or extremely confident, and I think Peter is the latter.

Love Bites is the second book in the Vampires of Hollywood and I'd like to go back and read the first, Vampyres of Hollywood. I'd love to know just how much of this vampire world was based on her own experiences making horror movies in Hollywood. It's not such a hard sell to imagine the movie business itself as a blood sucking monster.

For more information about Adrienne Barbeau or the Vampires of Hollywood, visit her website.

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*This book was provided for review by the publisher.
*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for VampChix

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