Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VampBash - With a Splash of Color!

Everyone having a good time at the VampBash this week?  I've completely forgotten to pass around treats, so here goes:

Some brains panna cotta

Yolkenstein eggs

Werewolf cupcakes

And Vampire Kiss Martinis all around!

Okay, now that you all have something to nosh on, let me tell you about this awesome new coloring book, Vampires by Marty Noble.  First, I admit, I'm a bit of a coloring freak.  I adore the Dover coloring books that you'll usually find in the children's section of the book store, but trust me, they are also for adults.  The details and drawings in the books are awesome, and will provide hours of coloring fun.  I particularly like the Vampires coloring book because there's not a bad page in it.  I want to color them all!  It features evil vampires, castles, sexy brooding vampires, beautiful female vamps in gorgeous gowns, Van Helsing, vampire couples (very romantic!).  You can color them with markers or colored pencils, and the paper is nice and thick.  If you use markers they will bleed through a bit to the back of the page, so that picture might be a loss, but colored pencils will not bleed through.  Myself, I love to use markers, because I like bright, bold colors.  You can order this coloring book, and hundreds of other gorgeous books directly from the publisher at this link, or also find them at Amazon or your local bookstore.  Here's a link to the book at Dover where they feature sample pages you can download.  Love it!

Here's a few examples I colored from this coloring book:

Now, here's the cool thing!  Dover has donated a copy of this coloring book as a prize!  And I'll toss in a copy of the Color Your Own Graphic Novel: Dracula to make it a set.  So get those pencils and markers ready!

What else is VampChix giving away today?  If you leave a comment below, you are entered to win:

PRINCE OF FROGS by Annaliese Evans
DESIRE AFTER DARK by Amanda Ashley
NECKING by Chris Salvatore (review copy)
So let's hear about your party plans for Halloween!  Tell us if you're holding a party, going to a party, and if so, what costume do you plan to wear?


lindseye said...

Those cupcakes are fun and the eggs are adorable. Love the coloring book, the pictures are beautiful.

Virginia C said...

Those cupcakes look good enough to bite, and bite again ; ) I could spend some serious time coloring in those beautiful books--wonderful! For Halloween, I put up a few decorations, hand out candy, and glory in the one day when I am truly "appearance appropriate" : )

US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

tina werner said...

oh my... those brains look awesome! LOL!

and the colouring book sounds so fun!

halloween... i'm dressing as a witch and going trick or treating with my two girls (renaisance vampire and the white hare from alice in wonderland).

stampitchick at yahoo dot ca

thanks so much for the chance to win!

Sara C said...

Love the cupcakes! So cute! I'll be the one handing out candy on Halloween. So fun to see all the costumes!

sararcummins AT gmail DOT com

Rebecca T. Little said...

Are those the cupcakes from "Hello, Cupcake!"? I loved that cookbook, so many awesome ideas. This year we are planning to go to our local Renfaire in Halloween garb for the trick or treat weekend festivities that they have planned. My kids love it and it saves us having to clean up at home! We'll still be home in time for canvassing the neighborhood and passing out treats as well, so that's a bonus!

twitter: @rebeccatlittle

Michele Hauf said...

I think the wolf cupcakes are from Hello Cupcake. I have that book too, but usually convince my daughter to make them for me. She made the peas and carrots one and they were so cute.

Lil said...

Nope, no partying this year. However, I will be dishing out treats at the door for little goblins and ghouls who come my way.

van_pham said...

No party or costume this year, I will be at the door handing out candies.

u.s. resident


LSUReader said...

Thanks for the snacks...forgive me, but I do have to pass on the pasta.

No party plans for us, but we will be seeing the grandkids off for trick-or-treating...our little dragon and football player.

Your coloring is wonderful! I'll bet you were always able to stay in the lines when you were a child.

CrystalGB said...

What cool food. I love the werewolf cupcakes. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snacks....yummy delicious.

I'm playing witch at a party on Saturday night. My American friends here are putting on a big american style party in their back yard with all kinds of effects. I get to greet the kids as they come in and try to persuade them to come into my cage so I can fatten them up for my soup....muahahaha

in Germany

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing.

I adore that colouring book!!!!

in Germany

Rain Maiden said...

The coloring rocks...I'm a colored pencil kind-a-girl. I have no party plans, but Saturday will be run the kids around town for the Halloween festivities.

Robin K said...

Ohhh I love coloring!!!

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Kirsten said...
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tetewa said...

I'm not doing either just handing out candy!

Witchy Woman said...

My sister and I are HUGE Halloween fans, always have been. She throws the most wicked Halloween parties with a different theme every year. This year is the haunted mansion. While I'm going on about themes, this year we're dressing as Alice in Wonderland characters: My daughter & I will be Queens of Hearts, my husband the Mad Hatter, and my son either the March Hare or Tweedle-dee (he hasn't decided at this late hour).

Spav said...

I actually have a wedding. I can't wait to see what they have prepared!

mariska said...

The brains panna cotta really look like a brain..i wonder how it taste :)

i'm not holding any party, since we don't halloween in my country.

but i love the to watch and hear the story from you guys whose celebrate it.

-international reader

uniquas at ymail dot com

donnas said...

No costume/no party this year. Hopefully Ill get to see some of the local kids costumes though. Thanks always fun.

Jennifer Mathis said...

I love halloween but this year no party for me :( Just a few online things