Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Vampire Gun

This was featured at the Washington Post today, and the following is snipped from the article.  Love this:

"Let's say you need to kill a vampire -- and heaven knows, they're everywhere these days. The National Firearms Museum has just the thing: the Vampire Hunter's Colt Detective Special. The revolver has a cross engraved on the muzzle, presumably to keep vampires at bay while the vampire hunter takes aim. It spits silver .38-caliber bullets, each of which is sculpted in the form of a vampire's head. And its coffin-shaped box, lined with sanguinary-red velvet, comes with a helpful vial marked "Holy Water."
The Vampire Hunter's Colt Detective Special, which is a silver-plated version of the snub-nosed handgun once prized by Mafia hit men and pulp fiction's world-weary private eyes, is one of the newest additions to the collection of 5,000 firearms. It goes on display Oct. 8 along with 400 newly acquired firearms in the new Robert E. Petersen wing of the museum at the National Rifle Association's headquarters in Fairfax County."


Natasha said...

Awesome! I want this Colt! It's beautiful. hehe:)

Dot S. said...

I hope I can get into the museum to get this gun when the occasion arises! Although I do expect the vampires to be totally enthralled by ME and there should be no need for weaponry.