Monday, November 1, 2010

Guest: Jamie Wasserman

Please welcome Jamie Wasserman, author of BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT to VampChix today!  She is giving away two copies of her book, and to enter follow her instructions at the bottom of this post.

Vampires come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From Stoker's ruthless (and pale) Dracula to the suave and surprisingly menacing Blacula. Hecht, there's even a fur-clad, fluffy vampire rodent name Bunnicula. There are ugly and self loathing vampires like the ancient Varney, and pompous, proud and beautiful bloodsuckers like Lestat.  The vampire myth is a malleable one, dissolving into a fine cloud of mist, and reappearing in our room in the shape of our worst fears. For a writer, that's a dream come true.

In Stephanie Meyer's vision, the vampires sparkle and whine. Forrest Ackerman's sexy and wicked Vampirella was an alien!  In my telling, the vampire Keenan is a blood addict, blessed with long life, strength, speed and a surprisingly narrow tunnel vision of the world. He isn't trying to be good, he's just struggling to stay alive and out of trouble. In doing so, he has locked himself away from everyone and everything. Fear of loneliness. Fear of dying. Fear of being who he really is.

When you pick up a vampire novel, you’re getting a rare glimpse into a writer’s most intimate secrets- her fears. And what can be more terrifying than finding out that what scares you, scares others as well?  It’s a chilling glimpse into our own wounded selves, the part we keep carefully hidden from everyone else. And even worse, there’s the realization that those fears just never die- not with a stake to the heart, a vial of holy water, or a cleansing by fire. The vampire, just like our fears, always seem to find a way of returning!

Give Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story a shot. The characters are broken but full of resolve.  It’s set in Ellicott City, one of the most haunted places in America and my old stomping grounds as a teenager. There’s love, betrayal, a little bit of violence, and a healthy dash of sex. You’ll never look at trains again the same way. And who knows, maybe you’ll even see a little of yourself in between the pages.

I’m giving away two free copies. Just send an e-mail to  with VAMPCHIX in the subject.  Winners will be selected randomly by my four year old daughter who has generously donated the use of her Halloween pumpkin for the lottery.   Be sure to include your snail mail address in the entry (I promise not to visit you or send any Jehovah’s Witnesses to your doors).

Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story blurb
Melanie would love to believe in fairytales. She’d love, in fact, to believe in anything. The twenty-three-year-old college dropout is stuck — stuck in a dead-end waitress job, stuck in her hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland, and stuck with a boyfriend who likes to play dress-up as a vampire.

Vampires. Her world and her reality are turned upside down when she encounters the real thing. Along the way, she meets Lucas, the would-be vampire slayer, his father the sheriff, and ultimately the vampire himself. Melanie learns that fairytales can come true, and evil isn’t always where you expect to find it.

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Rain Maiden said...

This looks like an awesome read. Going on my wish list!

Lorelei said...

I like the synopsis of this one.
Sounds really good. Somewhat mysterious, with danger lurking around the corner. Love the boy friend "dressing up" as a vampire.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I just finished this book during my lunch break and my review will be up in the next few days. Thumbs up!

Patricia Altner said...

I am so glad to find out about this book. I live in Columbia and spend a lot of time in Ellicott City.

Next stop Amazon!