Monday, November 29, 2010

A Very Vampy Christmas

Nothing screams 'the Holidays' quite so much as tinsel, mistletoe, and vampires, yes?  I'm intrigued by the genre of Xmas vamps because I'm not so sure how they fit into the holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ.  But who knows?  Not all vamps are atheists.  In fact, there are many vamp stories out there that focus on the religious aspects of the creature.  And just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean a vamp has to be left out, all lonely and lurking in the shadows.  They can deck the halls with all the other beasties and creepies that go bump in the night.

Check out the latest anthology, CHRISTMAS WITH A VAMPIRE!  It features the awesome authors: Merline Lovelace, Lori Devoti, Linda Winstead Jones, Lisa Childs, and Bonnie Vanak.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey across the boundary of death into a shadowy, daring new world. As darkness falls on another year, five fanged rebels are ready to celebrate like never before.
It's a time for bloodlust and stolen kisses, for clandestine bites and forming new bonds beneath the mistletoe. Succumb to the forbidden as these powerful vampires give you a Christmas you'll never forget….

When I checked in with Merline, she had this to say:

Hey, Everyone,

I have to say I had great fun writing A CHRISTMAS KISS - mostly trying to make the story bright and holiday-ish yet still dark and vampiry!  I got lots of inspiration from my handsome nephew, who's an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer.  Doing a ride-along with him along empty stretches of road on a cold, dark night is enough to make anyone look over their shoulder and think of supernatural stalkers .  Hope you enjoy this tale, and all the others in this terrific compendium!!!!

All my best, Merline

Please visit Merline's website!

Lori Devoti would like you to know this about her story:

At first I wasn't sure about the whole vampires at Christmas idea, but as I got going and my characters came to life, I loved writing The Vampire Who Stole Christmas. My hero, Drystan Hurst, is a classic tortured hero, who spent his mortal life looking for love and acceptance. As a vampire, however, this changed. The need to be loved twisted into a need for revenge against the family who used him as a pawn for political gains and then threw him away.
My heroine, Aimee Polk, is a daemon who failed to save her last charge. Her failure crushed her and she's sworn off saving anyone ever again.
But, of course, when they meet, both change. Drystan discovers revenge just may not be as important as he thought and Aimee discovers she can't walk away from saving one more soul--Drystan's.
I'm excited that this story is being released again as part of a Christmas with a Vampire. (It was originally part of Holiday with a Vampire II, a Nocturne anthology.) I also have a vampire short, Lost, available for sale as a digital download at Amazon
, Barnes and Noble  and Smashwords  for $0.99.
If you read either, I hope you enjoy them! 

Please visit Lori at her website!

Other stories in the antho include Bonnie Vanak's "Unwrapped", Linda Winstead Jones' "Sundown", and Lisa Childs' "Nothing Says Christmas Like A Vampire"

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Witchy Woman said...

I have Holiday With A Vampire II which contains A Christmas Kiss and The Vampire Who Stole Christmas, but I haven't read the others. I'll just have to add Christmas With A Vampire to my Christmas list. Additional commentary: Although I enjoyed both Merline's and Lori's stories, my fav hands down was Lori's, absolutely LOVED her vampire Drystan.