Monday, December 27, 2010

Book announcement: Seducing the Vampire

It's arriving in stores right now!  The official pub date is January, but it's available at Amazon and in Borders, so I'm going to shout about it today.  :-)

Blurb: He was mesmerizing, a vampire like none other...but the fire between Viviane LaMourette and Rhys Hawkes would begin a centuries-long clash between two powerful vampire brothers.

In Marie Antoinette's Paris, the beautiful vampire Viviane seeks a male patron who will allow her to live on her own terms. Courted by two feuding brothers, Viviane succumbs to the handsome rebel, Rhys. She's unaware that Rhys has other, darker, motives. He seeks vengeance against his brother, Constantine—by stealing Viviane and tainting her with his blood.
But just as Rhys is realizing the depth of his love for Viviane, his brother takes his revenge.
Two centuries later, Rhys hears the urban legend of the Vampire Snow White, imprisoned deep in the tunnels under Paris. He must find her and set her free, but will he be able to save her from the evil still intent on destroying them?

This is one of my favorite books for the reason that I got to incorporate the historical with a modern-day setting.  18th century France is most fascinating to me, and I love showing readers how the characters they read about in my contemporary stories were as they walked the world a few centuries earlier.  Many of my characters have lived for centuries, and so this story shows the romance two and a half centuries ago, and the search for a lost love in modern times.  
For the first time I also have a half-breed hero.  He's half werewolf, half vampire, and the two aspects of his nature do not get along.  His werewolf is kindest and more gentle than the vampire, but his werewolf mind only rules when in vampire form.  His vampire is angry and vengeful, and only rules when he is in werewolf shape.  So, if I had to pick?  I'd take his vampire form (with the werewolf mind) over the raging werewolf any day.  But I'll leave it for you to decide. :-)

I have a few copies of SEDUCING THE VAMPIRE to give away to commenters.  To be entered to win tell me what sort of half breed creature you would be interested in reading about.  Half faery, half mermaid?  Half vampire, half witch?  Tell!

To read the first chapter, visit the Seducing The Vampire book page at my website.

For details on the characters in Seducing the Vampire and other books in my Beautiful Creatures world, visit Club Scarlet!


elaing8 said...

How about..a feline/mermaid mix. Since cats hate water,I'd like to see how that would work itself

This sounds like a great book.Enjoyed the trailer too.

Robin K said...

Ohhh, half faery, half mermaid that would be so cool. Of a mermaid vampire ;)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Andrea C said...

I'd like half vampire half wizard as a character. I would love to win this book as it's available in the UK yet.


Sara C said...

This book sounds awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on it. I think Iike the half vamp, half werewolf... Interesting to see two dominate species compete against one another.

Sararcummins at gmail dot com

Lil said...

Funny you should ask this question. Since I began reading shifter stories, I always thought half dragon shifter and half Mermaid would be exciting.

Seducing the Vampire sounds like a wonderfully exciting read.

Araceli said...

I would love to see a mixture between a familiar and a werewolf, in the anthology "Racing the Moon" we met Dean and Sunday and saw how tough it was for them to love one another, I would love to see their offspring =).. I've also love the half breed Ivan Drake (half witch/vampire).. Can't wait to read "Seducing the Vampire"!!!

Nas Dean said...

Hi, the excerpt sounds intriguing. I would love to read SEDUCING THE VAMPIRE. All other books I read had werewolves and vampires as mortal enemies, so it would be interesting to read a half were/half vamp!

BTW, I visited Club Scarlet...but no O+ being served there!

SandyG265 said...

I'd like to read about a wizard werewolf mix.

sgiden at

CLMcCune said...

I like the half human/half dragon thought...every time she sneezes maybe a little puff of smoke or a small flame emits. Maybe a little scale flutters over her skin. She needs help controlling her shift. Incomming: big bad dragon, unwilling to help...but she's his fated mate. *sigh*

Kelly M said...

I would so want to be 1/2 vamp 1/2 were. I would get all the benefits from both without the side effects!!!! :D

thank you for a chance to win

Kelly M

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I'd love to read about a 1/2 vampire, 1/2 fairy.
This book sounds fascinating, I'd love a chance at it.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

mariska said...

I've been waiting to read this book. Love the blurb !!

I would be interested in reading about Half faery, half dragon :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Teresa K. said...


I like the ideal of the half vamp/half werewolf. This is a great combination for they have to battle everyday to control the other half. For in most books they are natural enemies. I loved her Vampire Husband. Where the wolf falls in love with her vampire husband.
I so can't wait to read your new book. I hope I get to win this copy. Good luck to all the other commenters.

tcwgrlup41 at yahoo dot com

Katrina W said...

Half fairy, half snow leopard, sorta like beauty n the beast.. Fairy with the speed on land and in air , back up with the power of the leopard,, :) ery differnt :)
Would love to read , this one , trailor was terrific ... Its on my tbr pile :)

Kirsten said...
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Michele Hauf said...

I'm loving some of these combinations! Personally, I've always had dreams of being a mermaid, so I'd go for half mermaid, half...hmm, maybe demon. Or what if you had half mermaid half cat shifter? Oh! That would be awful, especially if the cat liked fish.

Rain Maiden said...

Love the name Rhys. Not real sure what combo I would go for, but like the mermaid/cat Is this book in a series?

Michele Hauf said...

Rain Maiden, this book is in my Beautiful Creatures world. No special series, but the same world as all my previous para-roms, including the various series. I know that sounds confusing. FOr a complete list of series and books (that all fall in the Beautiful Creatures world) go here:

rightside column

Silvia said...
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Tanya1224 said...

I love all your writings Michele!! I just listened to an audio book of yours and really enjoyed it also...The Vampire's Tango. As for a half breed, I've read about a lot and my favorite to read as of now is half vampire half demon. Two bad boys =) I thought the vampire/valkrie was a good one too. I just bought her Vampire Husband and I'd love to win this book. Please count me in.