Saturday, December 11, 2010

Witching You a Merry Christmas

I recently learned that my erotic paranormal romance story, Witching You A Merry Christmas, will be a free read for the Circlet Press Erotic Advent Calendar.

Every day this month at you can read either a brand new story or a story from one of their books- for free.

Most have Christmas or holiday themes or settings.

Mine is obviously a Christmas theme, hence the title. And it features...a vampire and a witch. I know reoccurring roles in my stories. Seems to be my favorite match up- a sexy male vampire and a spirited female witch.

Here's a little blurb for Witching You a Merry Christmas:

Vicki has been leery of vampires ever since she was attacked five years ago.

Vicki's preternatural crime fighting partner, Daniel, is a vampire. It's been an awkward partnership especially since he's secretly in love in with her.

Daniel loves Christmas and hopes that the spirit of the holidays will be just what Vicki needs to soften her hatred of vampires and see him in a new light.

Daniel's greatest Christmas wish involves getting a certain witch to finally see past his fangs.

Will Santa give him what he wants most?

Right now this story is scheduled to be published on December 26 at

Once it goes live I'll post a link.

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