Monday, January 17, 2011

Guest: Caris Roane

I love discovering new authors who write vampires.  Caris Roane debuts with ASCENSION, the first in her Guardians of Ascension series.  Caris has a great prize for one lucky commenter today, it includes a small basket of goodies and a signed copy of Ascension [US only, please].  So please welcome, Caris!

Hey, everybody!  Caris Roane here.  I’m so excited to be with you all at VampChix!  Michele Hauf is a great host!
            Don’t you love vampires?  My current favorite—besides any of my own hunky warrior vampires in Ascension—is Jean-Claude.  And for those of you who love vamps you know exactly who I’m talking about!
            When I did the Borders Blog earlier in December I talked about Jean-Claude and how I wish Laurell K. Hamilton would do an entire series with him as the lead this time.  (Sigh!)
            But I have loved vampires for a long time and years ago, one of my Regency romance novellas featured a family of vamps in the west of England.  So, I guess I’d say that before I even conceived of my vampire-based Guardian of Ascension series, I already had vamps on the brain.
            So, why do I like them and like writing about them? 
            I think on a primal level, it’s about connection and that if you could really be with a vampire, you’d have one more level of connection to savor.  And don’t we all want that, crave that more than anything when it comes to romance?  Connection, then more connection?
            Another element about the vampire mythos that appeals to me as a writer, is that you start very clearly with your vampire lead in a place of brokenness, alone, wounded, despairing.  Just as a matter of course, I believe that all fiction is about the lead being hurt and broken in some way, in need of growth and change, and the perils of the journey are what propel the lead to hopefully overcome.  So, a vampire, by his or her nature, is already in a very low place and it’s an amazing experience to be able to take all the brokenness and bring about healing.  Another author I admire very much, who has done just that in all her books and quite brilliantly, is JR Ward.  All of her leads are broken warriors and through love come to a place of healing, connection and essentially rebirth.
            My Guardians of Ascension series, involving outrageously winged vampires, attempts to do the same; to show the lead characters of each book starting out in a place of isolation and through the pressures of the story being forced to come together, to work together, to fall in love, to fail miserably at some point, then to grow and to overcome.  I know I’ve succeeded when I hear from my readers with something like, I couldn’t put the book down.
            I always love to hear what books readers have fallen in love with over the past year.  I’m a reader first and if you’ve found a paranormal that rocks-your-world, please share it here!
Watch the trailer for ASCENSION!


kuuipocat said...

I just watched the trailer on youtube..amazing..I cannot wait for this book..being stationed in japan with our hubbies deployed can get really lonesome...thank you for the fantasy!!

Katrina W said...

WOw totaly fang -tastic !!! Loved the trailor.. Vampires woot woot !!! with wings I must say I cant wait to read this one .. As Im in australia Ill have to wait for Amazon or one of the booksites to list it ;) I know the comp is only Us but I wanted to say how much i Loved the trailor and book cover and the excerpt !! Its on my list now to be read ;)
** Nothing quiet like a book with some bite !!!

Thanks Kat via facebook

Katrina whittaker

Katrina W said...

Just found it on the book :) and pre ordered the next two !!!! For anyone who is interested ..
Thanks kat

SandyG265 said...

Love the cover for your book.

sgiden at

Caris Roane said...

Hi, Everybody!

Thanks for the awesome comments! If you can't tell yet, I'm totally in love with my characters and this series. ASCENSION took two years to work and rework then finally get sold. But the absolute best part for me is being able to just sink into this world and savor. Vamps have a special place in my heart--LOL!


Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

This book sounds phenomenal! Can't wait to read it! As for a vamp book that I discovered and HIGHLY recommend, "Danann Frost Falls From Grace" by Joanne Valiukas is fantastic!

the_happy_soul AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

This book sounds like it can totally suck you in...I can't wait to read it ;)

Erika said...

welcome Caris :-)
since I have found this blog, I have found so many new writers.
Your books sounds great and an addicting reading!
welcome and I look forward to your writing!

tetewa said...

My favorite reads are vampires, sounds good! I also love the cover.

Lil said...

I was introduced to vampires as romantic through reading Laurell K Hamilton, Lara Adrian and JR Ward. Can't say that I was much drawn to the idea of vampires until then. I love the idea of your series. Vampires with wings, epic battle, wounded hero and romance? Sounds wonderful!

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Caris said...

Hey, Lil,
You just mentioned three of my favorite authors! Also, Sherrilyn Kenyon was my first introduction to the warrior vampire in the first few books of her Dark Hunter series. Loved 'em! But like you, before that I was kinda vampires, huh??? Now I love vamps, but as I mentioned before, especially the warrior kind who are out saving the world.
I've had wonderful comments on my website blog from fans who have already read ASCENSION. Take a look at I've been very moved by what they've had to say under Caris's Journal.

van_pham said...

Gorgeous cover! Looking forward to reading Ascension :)

Caris said...

Hi, again, everyone. I'm about to sign off for the night. Thanks for all the comments and I hope you enjoy reading my series.
I'll be checking in again tomorrow in case any of you have a question you'd like to ask. Sweet dreams!


donnas said...

Your book sounds amazing. Really looking forward to reading it. I think my favorite from last year was Nalini Singh's Guild Hunters.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Caris said...

Good morning, everyone!

I'm hard at work on BOOK #4, BORN OF ASHES! Isn't that a great title? My editor came up with that one--she's brilliant!! I've had soooo much wonderful feedback to BOOK #1, ASCENSION, that I've found myself overwhelmed by the positive comments that range from 'couldn't put the book down' to 'so hard waiting for the next release'! Music to an author's ears.
I hope therefore that those of you who are interested in my series will have the same reading experience. My experience as a writer has been nothing short of THRILLING. This has truly been the best 'creative' experience of my far!

Caris said...

Hi, again, all you vamp lovers...
I wanted to thank Michele Hauf for inviting me to be a guest on her blog. It was great hearing from everyone. I hope you enjoy ASCENSION and find even more books out there that satisfy your 'thirst'!!!

Many blessings,
Caris Roane

CatsMeow said...

I just love Vampire stories with an HEA. Your series sounds right up my alley. Definitely going on my TBR list.

Tiffany K said...

This book & cover both look and sound amazing! Watching the trailer makes me want to find this book as soon as possible! Lets see, vampire books that I have fallen in love with this year and would highly recommend would be Lynsay Sands two most recent Argeneau books. I just recently discovered JR Ward, and those books are amazing! Katie Macallister's In the Company of Vampires was great. My friends all recommend Laurell K Hamilton. I think I'll get around to that author as soon as possible, I have a book shelf with probably 20 + books I bought and haven't had the time to read yet.

Not sure if I need to include my email to enter but here it is:

tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com