Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest: Lance Zarimba

Hey all!  I wanted to introduce you to an exciting author of children's paranormal fiction!  Lance's newest releases are available in electronic format, so for all of you who got Kindles and Nooks for Christmas, check out these stories!  Here's what Lance has to say about the stories:

What do you do when a bat bites your best friend?  Matthew and Nick’s best friend, Jake, is attacked on his way home from school, and strange things are starting to happen.  The sun bothers Jake’s eyes, he doesn’t cast a reflection, and he is longer able to eat garlic.  Now, armed with garlic, holy water, and crosses, Matthew and Nick must find a way to prevent their friend from becoming a vampire before they get bitten too.

Enter the world of Oh No, Our Best Friend is a Vampire.  This is the second book in my new series.  The first book is Oh No, Our Best Friend is a Zombie.  This is an early chapter book for the tween reader.  

What do you do when your best friend is a zombie and you think it’s all your fault? Matthew had his best friend Nick hypnotized and turned into a zombie, and now he won’t turn back into his best friend.  The evil magician may have stolen his soul, and Matthew and his friend Jake, discover small clay jars at the Magic Shop with a personal item of Nick’s.  Now, they must steal it back to rescue their friend, but how do they do that?  And what are they willing to risk to save his life?  Will they risk their own?

Michele Hauf asked me to guest blog, and I jumped at the chance.  I feel so honored to be asked his friend hypnotized into a zombien day spine after a spinal cord injury)ul inside. to talk about my children’s books on this great website.  My nephew Matthew helped me come up with the idea for the series, and I’m so thankful that Featherweight Publishing chose to publish my stories in ebook and print versions.  The ebooks are available now and the print versions will be out in the next two weeks.

I grew up enjoying Dark Shadows and always loved the supernatural.  My mother encouraged my reading and introduced me to the romance novel, so what better mix of reading and writing could I ask for?  My Oh No series has a mystery to unravel within the supernatural legends of the zombie and vampire.  In the third book, I’m calling it Oh No, My Brother is Frankenstein’s Monster. 

Currently, my story, “Who Snuffed the Turkey” is in The Killer Wore Cranberry anthology, a Thanksgiving themed book.  I have a short story “Fangs for the Memories” in Anne Frasier’s Deadly Treats coming out Halloween 2011, and my mystery Vacation Therapy will be out by March 2011.  I have a werewolf mystery set in Duluth, MN, which is looking for a publisher.  Any suggestions?  I hope everyone has a great 2011 with so many fantastic books coming out.  And thanks for letting me talk about my books.

Lance     his friend hypnotized into a zombien day spine after a spinal cord injury)ul inside.


Daelith said...

These sound like the paranormal updated version of the Hardy Boys. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great comment. I love The Hardy Boys and Dark Shadows, what a wonderful mix. Lance

Rain Maiden said...

So what age would these books be geared toward? I have a ten year old that rather be playing ball then reading. These sound like something he would stick with

Anonymous said...

The books are reluctant reader boy books, so I hope that the tween and maybe earlier would find the books fun and exciting to keep reading, and they are fast reads too. Lance

Sharron Riddle said...

Thank you for the fun post, Lance. Your books look like funs reads for kids who like vamps and zombies.