Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: THIRTEEN YEARS LATER by Jasper Kent

VampChix has reviewed the first book in this series, TWELVE, previously, and really enjoyed it.  With the second book, THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, one might expect a sophomore slump.  Not so.  While it does take a few chapters to really hit its stride, this story is even better than the first.

This story takes place after the hero of Twelve, Aleksandr Ivanovich has learned that vampires indeed exist, and while he'd thought he'd seen the last of them thirteen years ago, that is not to be.  It is peace time between the French and the Russians but Aleksandr does not get to enjoy it for long.  He is drawn into an intriguing secret by the Tsar himself, and once again is faced with defeating the vicious oprichniki.  Old enemies return, interesting twists develop between long-time relationships, and this time he brings along his son, Dmitry, while reluctantly wishing his boy never had to learn about the vampires.
A truly despicable villain offers a view into the vampire nature, as the author engages us with more intimate details on the vampires in his world, each and every one of them fascinating.  I'm still nodding my head over the diary Aleksandr is given to interpret and all that it means and represents.  So clever!
Once again, you will root for the hero as he struggles to defeat a seemingly indestructible enemy.  If you have not read the first book, it isn't necessary to understand this story, but I'd highly recommend it because the whole world is very rich in detail, especially if you like your horror stories with military history in them.
— Michele Hauf for VampChix

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