Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suck, the movie

I just got a chance to watch SUCK; streamed it from Netflix.  Have you seen it yet?  You should.  If you're a vampire fan you're going to love it.  All you rock n' roll fans will love it even more.  Sure, it's cheesy, with fake special effects, and a dorky Jim Morrison-lookalike vamp villain, but that's what makes it fun.  It follows the down-and-out band The Winners in their quest for fame as they tour across Canada and New York state.  They'll do anything for fame.  Even sell their souls?
The story is simple, and the dialogue has some high points as well as low.  Jessica Pare, who plays the sole female member of the band (and vampire) is gorgeous, and when she turns on the vampire mojo, you actually feel it right along with her helpless victims.  I'm not one to notice such things, but the cinematography was really quite excellent.  The character of Hugo, the vampiress's Renfield, was my favorite.  Hilarious stuff from Hugo, who is also the band's roadee.  I should have jotted down all his funny lines, but ah well, I'll let you discover the macabre fun for yourself.
The cameos are awesome.  Any film with Alice Cooper as a vampire is my kind of film.  His daughter Calico Cooper shows up as well.  Iggy Pop, surprisingly, does not play a vampire, though if anyone were to make a case for the existence of a vampire it would have to be the ageless, and Duracell-bunny-like Pop.  Henry Rollins shows up, Moby, and Malcolm McDowell.
It streams for free on Netflix, so check it out if you have it.  Or find the DVD at Amazon.

And look!  We hit 500 Followers!  That means another contest!  So watch this week sometime for VampChix to dig into the prize vault and give stuff away.


DearestRhonda said...

i love this i saw this movie too..!! a giveaway!? wow may i re post your giveaway on my blog? i am posting giveaways from the sites i follow that way if people follow me they get a lot of goodness on their dashboard i will soon be certified in doing reviews and giveaways on my blog from company's. so i hope you follow and i here back from you.

Michele Hauf said...

Rhonda, go ahead and post links any time we have giveaways here. I'm not sure what day it'll go up, but check back in this week for it.