Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vampire Romance — Declining?

Time once again to take a closer look at Vampire Romance, its rise over the years, and—what's that?—could it be on the decline?
As most of you know, I also keep The Ultimate VampList.  It is a listing of vampire stories I created in 1994 and have been updating regularly.  The list is divided by genre, and I keep a particular eye on the Romance/Erotica genre.  Each year I tally the number of VR books published and make a handy-dandy graph.  This is completely unscientific, and I don't list all the titles ever published, but most that have been published by the larger publishers in the US.  With the ease of self-pubbing books on the rise I have stopped trying to keep track of most of those titles, but certainly, when authors send me info on their titles I always add to the list.  So let's take a look at the trend over the past 13 years:

With approximately 1350 titles listed in the Romance genre at The Ultimate VampList, which include titles dating from the 60s, through now (2011 titles will obviously grow as we learn of new releases), this chart is a good overall look at the vampire romance genre.  2007 was a great year for VR!  But we're starting to slide in 2010.  Do you think that'll be the trend, or that the VR genre will probably level off?  Personally, I think Vampire Romance is here to stay, much like the Historical or Contemporary genres in romance.  

A few notes: 
The numbers on the graph do not add up to 1350, because I've left off titles listed that do not have a pub date (some online publishers don't list pub date; not sure why).
Looking at the overall list, 75% of the books are published in traditional paperback form, and 25% are electronic books.  21% listed are short stories/novellas (that I am aware of; some online publishers do not designate if the story is short).
I do not count reprints.  All books tallied in the graph are using their original pub date.
There are approximately 69 books listed that were published before 1997.  (I choose '97 as a start date for the graph simply because that was the year my first VR was published.  Hey, it's my chart, I can do what I want.)
Approximately 112 titles listed have no pub date (and are not included in graph above).


imJOJO said...

vampire authors we love - Stephenie Meyer! please add her

Anonymous said...

Hi...I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog! Check out the details at this link below:

SandyG265 said...

I think that the number of vampire romance books published will probably decline. The popularity of vampire books seems to go in cycles. They were really popular in the 70s and then got popular again a few years ago.

Sharron Riddle said...

I think they are always popular, the entire idea of immortality and beauty, passion. These will always intrigue.

Anonymous said...

As a yet to be published vampire romance author, I do have to add that Writer's Digest Vampire Lit group shows it as a steady market. The fans outweigh the number of writers.

The way vampires are portrayed will evolve My vamps have nothing to do with Meyer's . Hers have nothing to do with Chelsea Quinn Yarboro's or JR Ward, both of which I prefer to either Meyers or Rice. The genre fascinates and I think it will continue.

Michele Hauf said...

Thanks for the award, Enchanted!

Yes, I think we can all agree that the readers will always want vampires! Yay!