Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest: Laurie London

VampChix welcomes debut author, Laurie London to the hotseat today!  Laurie will be stopping in a time or two during the day, so if you have questions, leave them in the comments.  Also, one lucky commenter will win a copy of BONDED BY BLOOD from Laurie!

Yes, Another Vampire Novel

First of all, thank you, Vamp Chix, for having me on today! My debut novel, BONDED BY BLOOD, is the first book in the new Sweetblood series, vampire romance from HQN.

I read with interest Jon F. Merz’s post about how his fascination with vampires began. Mine also started as a child, but it didn’t begin with a nightmare about The Count from Sesame Street—I love that! But like Jon, I loved Salem’s Lot and read about vampire legends and how they were rooted in actual historical events.

Then in high school, my sister and I watched Fright Night eight times in the theater. Chris Sarandon played Jerry Dandridge, this amazingly hot vampire, and we totally fell for him. Although he’s a typical blood-sucking bad vampire, I try to ignore that fact. Watch this, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B5HzueNeOE

I found him to be gorgeous, mysterious, sexy, magnetic, suave, tortured, confident and dangerous. It just so happens this describes Dominic Serrano, the hero in BONDED BY BLOOD. But whereas Jerry follows his instincts and gives in to temptation (actually, I don’t think he ever considers NOT giving in), Dom chooses to fight it. Most of the time.
Dom is the leader of a team of vampire Guardians, sworn to protect humans from Darkbloods, members of their race who kill like their ancestors and sell the blood on the black market. The rarest blood type, called Sweet, is highly addictive to vampires and commands the highest price.

When he first encounters Mackenzie Foster-Shaw, a sweetblood human, he almost kills her. Weakened from injury and over-exposure to the sun, he is unable to control himself when she comes to his aid. Only through sheer force of will is he able to tear himself away from her.

For Dominic, a man haunted by loss, Mackenzie satisfies a primal hunger that torments him—and the bond they share goes beyond heat, beyond love.

She alone can supply the strength he needs to claim his revenge. But in doing so, he could destroy her.

For an excerpt and to learn more about my books and upcoming releases (book 2, EMBRACED BY BLOOD, comes out in July), please visit my website at www.LaurieLondonBooks.com.

You can also find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/LaurieLondonAuthor

Thanks for having me on today! Since you’re all vampire fans here, can you tell me what YOU find so compelling about this creature of the night? And have any of you seen Fright Night? It’s an oldie, but goodie!

I’m giving away a signed copy of BONDED BY BLOOD to one commenter. Good luck!



SandyG265 said...

I've seen Fright Night a couple of times. I like watching older vampire movies.

Robin K said...

I have not seen Fright Night, at least not that I remember.

I love vamps because of their mystery and intensity.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Blodeuedd said...

If open internationally then I am in :)

Vamps, well they are so dark, handsome, sexy and dangerous.

booklover0226 said...

I love Fright Night; Jerry Dandridge was so suave and cool!

What do I find so compelling about vampires? One thing is all the history they have seen. Can you imagine living through the Roman Empire AND the American Civil War?

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Kelly M said...

I have not seen Fright Night... Maybe I need too..

I am just stopping by to show Laurie my love and support for her new book.. So can't wait to read.. And really really hoping to meet up with her in April.

But please don't include me into this contest I have already won her book and want someone else to have a chance to win.

Kelly M

Miranda Grissom said...

I haven't seen Fright Night...My vampire love started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. I love the forbidden aspect of vampires. Maybe it boils down to girls really do love bad boys. Congrats on the release!!

RK Charron said...

Hi Laurie & Michele :)
I well recall Fright Night.
Roddy McDowell was great in that role. Did you know they are planning a remake?
What's so compelling about vampires? Like the Lost Boys says, party all night, live forever...
All the best,

Gina said...

I haven't seen Fright Night.

But what I love about vamps is that they're dangerous, mysterious, and alluring all at once. You're not supposed to like them-so of course that makes you like them all the more! Anything with that combination gets my vote! :)

behindyelloweyes (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tanya1224 said...

Thanks for another awesome contest Michele =) I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about Laurie's book around the blog. I think why I'm so compelled to this creature of the night is because of their sexiness. Dark, confident and erotic for the blood sampling =) It's something you know that will never happen so you love reading about it and imagining it is real. I know there is the view of the salvage, blood thirsty monster, but I don't like to read about those kinds. Bloody and gory is not for this girl ;) I saw Fright Night so long ago that I don't remember it :( I'll have to check it out. Thanks for a chance to win.

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi Laurie,

Dom sounds hot!!! I am going to put this on my TBR pile.

I love Fright Night, I haven't thought about it in ages, boy it makes me feel old, lol I loved Love at First Bite. I remember watching that when I was little. It was spooky, funny and had romance aswell.

Congrats on your release in July!!!


Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

I forgot to mention why I love vamps, I think it is the unknown, that mysterious darkness that seems to seep from them but you always wonder what how much of there humanity is still there.. That is what makes them hot, because we always wonder if we can change them...


Venus said...

I don't think I've seen Fright Night and from your description I would remember if I had.

Why do I love vampires? Men are complicated creatures when they are paranormal I feel better for not understanding them ;-) It helps that I'm a nightowl and these guys are super sexy.

Congrats on the Release!

hotcha12 said...


Laurie London said...

Hi Everyone, sorry I'm a little late for the party!!! Thank you for the interest in Bonded.

@Booklover0226 Yes, that's sooo fascinating to me too--the history they've seen and how the world has changed.

I love vampires for the reasons you've all listed. And I think Miranda and Brandy hit the nail on head--we like those "bad" boys and hope we can change them.

@Tanya1224 So glad you've been seeing Bonded out on the interwebs.

@Brandy B LOL Me too! When I saw how long ago it game out, it made me feel so ancient.

@Kelly M Aw, thanks so much for your support. (She's my stalker--and I say that lovingly.)

Yay, so many of you remember that movie! @RK, I'd heard that too, but I haven't checked IMDB to see who was cast, have you?

@Venus ROTFLOL My 15 yr old dtr was just complaining that she's not reading any more PNR YA because guys like that don't exist in real life and it's too disappointing.

BLHmistress said...

Salem's Lot I haven't seen that in years and it still gives me the chills thinking about it.

Congrats on your release Laura ! I have to say I agree Dom is hot! Can't wait for the second book.


donnas said...

I have seen it. But its been a while.

Congrats on the release! Looking forward to reading it.

Vampires are such great characters because they have such a varied history and great myth behind them that allows authors to add their own twist and makes no two stories really the same.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Fright Night, but it sounds like something I'll have to keep an eye out for.

I think that what I like best about vampires is how very good they are at being bad. It's a fairly flexible creature, a tortured hero or an animalistic monster, they can be written so many different ways. :)

mariska said...

I haven't seen Friday night, as far as i remember :)

i love the mortality, the mysterious that they always have .

sooo looking forward to read your book !!

uniquas at ymail dot com

mortiana said...

I remember Fright Night. It was a decent depiction until the end, when it just fell apart. The sexy club scene was good, and the music fit quite well.
About vampires? I can't abide all the formulaic vampire stories out there. Rice got it right, in the first book; didn't like the others.
The only way I'll find a book that really captures the essence of the vampires that interest me is to write it myself.

Tiffany K said...

I've never seen Fright Night or heard of it, but I will later.

First off I'd like to say gorgeous cover! That's always what can sell me on a book. If the cover is good I'm more likely to get it. You're book sounds amazing!

What I love about vampires is a lot of time their past and how it made them what they are, whether its tortured, and hateful, or missing their humanity. Of course the fact that they are generally dark, sexy, and sometimes way to confident for their own good helps lol.

Kirsten said...

Haven't seen Fright Night. But what I love about vampires is that they are strong, loyal to friends. Protective and so very romantic. They have hidden depths and when they fall in love it's special to them. They take it seriously and go for it 500 procent.

Mikki-Man├│ said...

I haven't seen Fright Night yet, but my friend just recommended it to me, so now I will see it =)

I love night creatures, especially vampires. I know that it sounds weird, but I would never marry a man who cannot lift me up xD Vampires - usually - can even lift up cars =P And they love the loved women and do everythink to protect them.

Oh, and I first read the review of Bonded Blood last week and since then I can't wait to read it. Sweetblood (L) =)

Thanks for the giveaway =)

Teril said...

Oh this book looks great that cover could melt snow with how hot it is ;)
I have not seen Friday Night. But I know I love reading on Friday Night's .

Thank you for talking about this great read.

terilhack at yahoo dot com

Kaya H said...

That was a great interview. I would love to read that book. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

kasuranna at yahoo dot com

throuthehaze said...

I love vamps because of their immortality and strength. I have never seen Fright Night.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com