Friday, February 4, 2011

Immortal, The Musical

Writer/composer Crystal Collier is leading a campaign to take Immortal the Musical to Broadway. The production involves a vampire named Count Lucas Delamark, a "recluse who occupies the town’s most prestigious estate" and "harbors a damning secret." 

With wealth amassed over three centuries of “immortality,” [Lucas] circles the globe in search of isolation. Yet the hunger must be satiated lest he go mad, and so he waits for the darkness, the safety of moonlight, and draws them to him.

Surviving on the nectar of mortal blood, he battles the temptation to live, instead of merely existing beyond the shadows of human memory.

To sample a taste of Immortal the Musical's music, click on the following song titles:

To help the musical make its way to Broadway, head to the show's volunteer page at You'll find links to their Twitter page (, plus online sharing and donation options.

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