Saturday, February 5, 2011

VampBoyz - Who inspires our Heroes?

Some of you may or may not know I also have a VampBoyz blog where I basically post pics of cute vamp boyz to drool over.  I'm closing that blog because I just don't post enough, and decided I'd maybe do a once monthly VampBoyz post here.  We all appreciate a great-looking vampire (male or female!).  So in the spirit of celebrating the gorgeous vamp boyz, I thought I'd ask a few authors to show us their inspirations for the vamp heroes they write about.  I'll start with one of mine.  ;-)

For my upcoming FOREVER VAMPIRE, the hero Vaillant (Vail) has lived in Faery all his life, and when finally he comes to the mortal realm he's vengeance in mind, and...adjusting to this strange new world and the idea of actually drinking blood.  He's got a sexy, rocker look, and this pic of Adam Lambert is exactly what I had in  mind for Vail (his even got a pet Green Snake).

Author Laurie London says this about her hero from BONDED BY BLOOD:
Dominic Serrano is the team leader for a small group of vampire Guardians who are sworn to protect humans from Darkbloods, rogues who kill like their ancestors and sell the blood on the black market. Except for his crystalline blue eyes, Dom is dark, speaks with a faint Spanish accent, often wears his hair tied with a piece of leather, and wears identical filigree rings on each thumb.

Inspiration: This picture of actor Rodrigo Santoro. Dom's hair is longer than this, and he's taller with broader shoulders, but the look is the same. Dark, mysterious and really sexy.

Amanda Ashley's hero, Rhys Costain, of EVERLASTING DESIRE was "inspired by Damon from the Vampire Diaries, although they don't look anything alike since Damon has dark hair and Rhys is a blond."

Roxanne Rhoads says this about her heroes:
Unfortunately in my newest release, An Unexpected Evening,  the vampire Samuel doesn't get much of a visual description but on my WIP, Hex and the Single Witch (current working title), I have two men vying for the attention of one witch.

Galen is a gorgeous vampire, masculine but beautiful. Tom Welling is my go-to celebrity to drool over so I think Galen is based a bit on him. Dark hair, strong jawline, perfect cheekbones, full lips and gorgeous eyes- though Galen's are a vibrant green instead of blue gray like Tom's.

The other male in the story is Mike Malone who is a tough cop, rough around the edges but cleans up well. He's big, muscular and drop dead sexy in a totally male way. I picture Joe Manganiello to fit his description - just give him midnight blue eyes and he's Mike Malone.

The unifying theme is my men are big, well built and gorgeous- but always masculine.

Liz Strange's Giovanni from A SECOND CHANCE AT FOREVER was inspired by this guy.  Liz says: "My inspiration for Giovanni is Cristiano Ronaldo. I think of them both as "pretty boys" with a dark side; they're strong, fast  and more beautiful than any person should be allowed to be. Yum!"

Here's what Marta Acosta has to say about the hero in her HAUNTED HONEYMOON
My heroine Milagro falls in love with one vamp, but is always drawn to Ian Ducharme, a member of the powerful Vampire Council. His nickname is the Dark Lord and Milagro describes him as "a Continental smoothie" and "a jaded roue." Ian and his sister Cornelia were inspired by the siblings Henry and Mary Crawford in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. I always liked the idea of sophisticated, amoral troublemakers. They show up, flirt with anyone around, lure people into debauchery and then take off to the next party.

The English actor Rufus Sewell would be an excellent Ian, because he has dark curly hair, hooded eyes and a sensual mouth. Sewell is too tall and traditionally handsome for Ian, but his acting talent can compensate for these flaws. He's can do sexy and dangerous like nobody's business.

Theresa Meyers' THE TRUTH ABOUT VAMPIRES is out in a little over a week!  
Dimitri Dionotte is Italian, alpha and being a Medieval priest turned vampire against his will, has a soulful side you wouldn't expect from your average vampire. But like all vampires in my world, he changes to suit the deepest fantasies of his prey, so for my heroine he smells like dark chocolate. 

Lori Devoti has a short vampire romance available online titled LOST.
Cameron Renault is the oldest son of the most powerful vampire in Crystal City. Now he is on the hunt for his brother, Dorian, who sent to do his father’s dirty work, disposing of their father’s victims, is at risk of becoming a monster. 



Liz Strange said...

Wow! Thanks for including me in such a amazing group of authors Michele!!

And thank-you authors for sharing all this beautiful man-candy. I think I need to go lie down after this.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I'll take them all! It's always interesting to see how authors envision their characters, especially the men. Sometimes it's a real surprise too! Never would have guessed Ronaldo but I am so not complaining.

Looking forward to the monthly VampBoyz feature:) Yummy!!

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HOLY CRAP!!!!! Talk about some hot guys.. Thanks for sharing.. I will be checking out all the books too.. :)

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Squeeee! Adam!

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Thanks for including me- and yum on the eye candy. This is going to be a regualr feature? Awesome, can't wait to drool over sexy vamp men regularly.