Friday, February 11, 2011

What happened to the sidebar?

I lost the sidebar.  Don't know what I did.  Actually, I didn't do anything.  I came here, and it was gone.  It's way down at the bottom, and you have to stretch out the screen really wide, and then you can see it.  So I tried to move it back up, but not sure what to do.  Meanwhile, I changed backgrounds and stuff, but still no sidebar.
Anyone have suggestions?


Laura Leigh said...

that happened to all my comments one min they were there then the next mroning poof gone:(

Vamchoir said...

It sounds dreadful. I've never had that happen. Try looking at your blog in "Design View." From there, you can click on the "Template Designer" tab in the top tool bar. Then select the "Layout" option which allows you to choose how many tool bars you want displayed and where you want them (on the left, on the right, or have two bars on the left and right).

Choose the layout you want and see if that toolbar doesn't reappear exactly where you wanted it. (Hope this helps.)

Michele Hauf said...

Thanks for suggestions. When I check design layout it shows my sidebar items exactly where they should be It just doesn't show on actual blog. Very odd.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Your side bar is where it should be if you look at this post individually. Something has happened in one post that has pushed it down.

The first individual post that pushes everything down is the vampire songs post. Possibly one of the vids is oversized and has caused the template to malfunction.

Shy of resizing the vids in the html, or (not recommended as it is a good article) deleting the post, once that post vanishes off the frontpage all should resize normally.

Michele Hauf said...

Oh, yay! Here I was freaking because I knew I hadn't done anything to change the format. Whew! Okay, will just have to wait for the top 10 to cycle through. Won't delete it because it is such an excellent post!