Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winners (relisted)

Okay, I know what happened to the sidebar.  It'll be back as soon as the Top 10 Vamp Songs cycles through.  Must have a large video on it that is pushing down the sidebar.

And also I wanted to relist winners from previous weeks because I haven't heard from any of them yet!

Winner of ETERNAL PREY (who so kindly commented amongst many on the EVOLVE covers) is

Winner of Laurie London's BONDED BY BLOOD is

And the winner of our Followers giveaway, which is the silver and black WeBite poster is

Winners please send your snail mail address  As usual, you have two weeks to claim your prize.  We will attempt to contact you once after that but if you don't have an email in your profile...well then.


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Mikki-Manó said...

Congrats to the winners!