Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guest: Melissa de la Cruz

Hey, VampChix!  Melissa de la Cruz's fabulous series, Blue Bloods is a hot seller for young adults and we adults as well.  We'd planned to feature her guest spot earlier, during her recent blog tour, but scheduling only allowed us to feature it now.  So please enjoy!

My Favorite Blood-Suckers by Melissa de la Cruz

Lestat de Lioncourt
: I mean, the name alone says it all: LESTAT! I read “The Vampire Lestat” before “Interview with the Vampire” so I had no idea at all that in the first book he’s the villain. (When I read “Interview” I wanted to tell Louis to quit whining.) I fell in love with his tragic flaws, desire to be human, and monstrous cruelty. Plus, tall, blond, and hot, what’s there not to like? Definitely the father of this generation’s pretty monsters.

Selene: She’s a death-dealer in black leather. What could be cooler? I absolutely love the Underworld movies – such a great mythology and a lot of fun. Selene is strong, willful and in love with the wrong boy from the other side of the tracks—Michael, the head of the Lycans, bitter enemies of the vampires.

Eric Northman: In the same mold as Lestat, Eric is dangerous and beautiful, but funny and sly as well. I enjoy “True Blood” a lot, I love the mythology and the humor in the setting. I find Bill very boring, it’s all about Eric!

Salem’s Lot: The vampires in Stephen King’s classic tale are terrifying and ugly, so I can’t say any of them are my ‘favorite’ but this book is the one that opened up vampire mythology to me. It kept me up too late at night and I could not sleep I was so terrified that there was a vampire floating outside my window. This is the book that made me believe vampires were real. I was fourteen at the time, so I totally understand when my readers ask me if I know any Blue Bloods.

Let the Right One In: A beautiful movie, about the love and friendship between two young people, an ageless young vampire girl and a young boy. What I loved most about the movie was the end, when the boy becomes Eli’s caretaker, in the same way that the older man acted as hers in the beginning—you can see the ‘end’ of their story from the beginning. Because Oscar will grow old and age, but Eli will remain young forever, which is tragic and sad for both of them. But that’s what you get for loving a vampire. :)

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