Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ultimate VampList is expanding!

Just when I thought the list couldn't get larger (over 4000+ titles currently listed) I've decided to add a new category for eBooks!  I already list some electronic-only books in the regular categories, but with the rise of the eBook lately I thought it would be appropriate to have an e-only page listing vampire books.

Authors who have a vampire eBook and want to be listed on The Ultimate VampList, please send the following info to Book title, Author, Publisher (or self-pub), Genre, Pub Date, Length (novella or novel), and if it is available at Amazon send the link URL as well.
Do not send a blurb or a cover gif.  If your eBook is already listed at the VampList, please contact me anyway because some books I don't know if they are eBook only.  I will leave the current listing as it is, but also list on the eBook page.  And if your book is in e-form and paperback, please designate that as well (with pub dates for each format).

Please pass this information around!  I want the list to be as thorough as possible.  You can send updates anytime and I add them as I update the list (every few months or so), and I also tweet new listings @vamplist.  But right now, to encourage authors/readers to send in eBook titles, through Saturday, if you send in a title, you'll be entered to win this awesome book by David Skal, ROMANCING THE VAMPIRE.  Picked a copy up at Borders, and I must say, this is a beautiful book filled with vampire facts, legends, and info, and lots of fun extras like posters, stickers, cards, etc.  So send in titles (including all info listed above).


Witchy Woman said...

I'm on my way to email you. Think I have one.

Witchy Woman said...

Found a 2nd!