Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest: Annee Pfau

VampChix welcomes author of vampire romances, Annee Pfau!

Embrace Your Inner Bite…

First, I’d like to thank the awesome Vamp Chix for having me as a guest on the site! You goddesses rock!
            I’ll be honest. I had half a piece written already for this about my deep, spiritual thing for tormented beta heroes, but then filed it away, and opened a brand new page. This one. Something kept nagging at me…the words Michele gave as guidance when I asked her what the blog readers wanted to know. She’d said, “Just make it from your heart; share what drew you to write a vampire story to begin with.”
            So my friends, here goes. Deep, dark confession time.
            I like getting bitten.
            OK, whoa; before you call out the Kink Police on me (unless they’re dark, dangerous, gorgeous and have thighs like tree limbs; then go ahead and call away), let me clarify. I don’t like actually getting bitten. If a toddler suddenly digs their teeth into my hand, or the neighbor’s dog decides to go Cujo on me, that’s not fun, sexy or hot. And potentially dangerous—to a writer who sort of needs the ol’ fingers for the career, you know?
            What I’m talking about is the single, incredible (and if the characters are great, unforgettable) moment that all awesome vamp tales have:
The Bite.
            OK; c’mon. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Whether our undead is a Nordic god or a black-haired demon, conflicted or calculating, sensual or demanding, isn’t “the moment” what we all wait for? Crave? Stay up ‘till 2 am, frantically flipping pages, to get to? And don’t we love it when we finally get to those magical pages…when the vein is pulsing just beneath her skin…and her blood calls to him…and beckons him to give in to his true essence…giving way to that moment of her ultimate surrender to him; her complete gift of mind and body and soul?
            Let’s just face it. Sometimes, the scene is better than sex. And perhaps, if we’re lucky, the writer throws that in, too! (Well, I know I like to...) (And yes, that was a shameless self-promotion moment.)
            I have a few theories about The Bite. Because you see, I’ve had a long time to mull about them. My current book, Redemption: The Blood Curse, was actually written in 1995—and even before that, I’d been in lust with undead hunks for 15 years!—meaning I’ve logged in quite a few head-in-the-crypt hours to think about this. And here’s my totally non-scientific, utterly biased opinion about why The Bite matters so much to all of us…
            Remember that part back there…about sex?
You guessed it, Sugar Veins.
We’re into The Bite because it’s the Ultimate way to “give it all up” for our lover: the “first time” that we dream of; the complete consummation of our fantasies. When a vampire pierces his heroine’s vein, he’s not just breaking her skin; he’s tearing into her soul; drinking her essence. And in return, the core of his essence is poured out to her: the infusion of his strength, sometimes even the ability to save her life. In short, it’s the wildest intercourse we’ll experience—and wow; clothes don’t even have to come off! (Though at the risk of sounding redundant and so the little sensuality fan I am, it’s always so much better when they do.)
Heady stuff? You bet your sweet white cell count! And aren’t we glad for it? Most especially, aren’t we deliciously excited that this means the vampire romance is going to be alive and vital (pardon the oh-so-appropriate puns) for a long, long time to come?
So whether you’re a classic Vlad girl, a BDB freak, a Lestat lover or a True Blood drinker, don’t be ashamed to say it loud and say it proud: Yeah, he bit me…and I loved it!

**Lots of biting going on in my dark and sexy tale for Solstice: Redemption: The Blood Curse, Book 1. Check out an excerpt at my website:, or order directly at:, as well as all the top e-pub sites.

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