Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest: Marie Treanor

VampChix welcomes Marie Treanor back to the hot seat, and she's talking Dracula today.  She's giving away a copy of BLOOD SIN, so let her know if you think a vampire could bring about a better world.

So Who Was Dracula?
By Marie Treanor

Well, apart from anything else, he was a friend of the Ancient vampire Saloman  – or at least that’s my theory in my vampire romance trilogy, Awakened by Blood. And it does seem to me the two have a few things in common: for example, they’re both regarded as the father of vampires, and they’ve both had a bad press.
So, like Bram Stoker with Dracula, did I model Saloman on Vlad? Of course not!  Because for one thing, Vlad the Impaler wasn’t really a vampire at all, not even in the lurid literature of his own time. It was Bram Stoker who picked up his name and reputation and based some of Count Dracula’s life on him.
Vlad really was known as Dracula – “son of the Dragon” – because of the chivalrous Order of the Dragon bestowed upon his father, Vlad Dracul  - “the Dragon” - but Vlad wasn’t a Count, he was a Prince, off-and-on ruler of the Romanian principality of Wallachia. He had a turbulent life: given as a child to the Ottoman Sultan as a hostage for his father’s short-lived loyalty, he seized the Wallachian throne for the first time in 1448 at the tender age of seventeen. Although quickly driven off again, he came back  a few years later in 1456 and this time ruled for six years until, after a heroic defence, he was deposed by the invading Turks.
He’s a fascinating and enigmatic character, from a complex part of the world and a dangerous period of east European history. Vlad was a realist, trying to maintain the independence of his tiny country, and a harsh ruler as befitted the philosophy of his time – as Machiavelli said, it was better for a prince to be feared than loved. But he also made improvements to his people’s way of life and prosperity…  So perhaps there’s another similarity to my Saloman who is, in his own unique way, trying to create a better world!
 OK, another similarity: both were betrayed, Saloman by his “son” and his human mistress; Vlad by his ally, the King of Hungary, who left him to defend Wallachia alone from the might of the Ottoman Empire, and then imprisoned him for twelve years, during which time, the legend of the monstrous, torturing Impaler was spread.
So was Vlad a hero or was he the horrific Impaler of legend?  Well, it’s only my opinion, but I suspect he was no more brutal than his contemporaries. I can’t really buy into the psychotic  torturer and vile mass murderer who apparently impaled more people than actually lived in his country at the time! Very few of the atrocity stories can be verified; at the very least they were exaggerated.  He may well have been a victim of propaganda.
And Saloman?  If you’ve read Blood on Silk, you’ll know that untrue things were also said of him after his “death”.  And at least in his dealings with Elizabeth, he does have a softer side.  In Blood Sin, the second of the trilogy, we find out more about him and his Ancient race, and how he regards his responsibilities. Will he prove to be a true hero? Read it and find out.
One final note. As Saloman came back to the world when Elizabeth awakened him, Vlad was eventually released from prison and regained the Wallachian throne for a third time. But his final reign lasted only a few months before he was killed. Is this a bad omen for Saloman?
Contest: I have a copy of BLOOD SIN to give away! To enter the draw, tell me – do you think a vampire could bring about a better world? Or make some other comment!

BLOOD SIN: Awakened by Blood 2 by MARIE TREANOR
Published by NAL Signet Eclipse
Available now from Amazon

Even if you walk in the light, you can dwell in the dark.

Months after her dangerous encounter with vampire overlord Saloman, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is still trying to cope with both the demands of her ancestral bloodline—which marks her as a vampire hunter — and the overpowering desire she feels for the immortal she brought back from the grave. But she is not alone in her fascination with Saloman.

When Elizabeth tracks down a distant cousin from America, she learns he possesses an antique sword that has caught the interest of the Grand Master of the American hunters. It is the ancient and mystical sword of Saloman — a treasure of vast occult powers and a prize beyond measure to both vampires and humans. Now the race is on for possession of the sword.

Even as her enemies and allies shift their allegiances and battle for supremacy, Elizabeth must decide which will rule her own perilous fate: unwanted loyalty or unholy love.

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LadyVampire2u said...

Maybe a vampire could bring about a better world. More that a vampire might have a good idea that could gain favor and followers and lead the world to something better. So basically its the idea more than the person.

LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

SandyG265 said...

I think that vampire scientists could make the world better since tehy would have more time to do research.

sgiden at

Marie Treanor said...

Hello! Thanks for having me back at Vamp Chix, Michele!

Like your points, LadyVampire2U and SandyG! Even vampires can have good ideas, and they certainly have plenty of time :) Thanks for your comments!


tami said...

a vampire could bring a better world because they would know that if something is not right and they would try to fix it and not with war or killing each other unless they really have to.

CrystalGB said...

I think the knowledge that vampires have could bring about a better world.
Love the cover to your book.


Maria said...

Congratulations on the release Marie!

I think that vampires are like people - there are the good and the bad. The good vampires could certainly bring about a better world and their long lives would give them immense knowledge to bring forward with them. They would undoubtedly have a more rounded view of everything. Of course the bad vampires also have long lives and they could really make things difficult. Overall I would say that vampires could make the world a better place but only if the good vampires are the dominant ones.


Rain Maiden said...

I never really thought about vampires and the real world. The only story that I have read that makes me think that vampires could do this world some good was Blood Oath. I have Blood on Silk on my wish list.

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Tami - that's true; with their extra senses they might well know earlier when things are wrong!

Crystal, good point :). And thank you, glad you like the cover!

Hi Maria! Thank you! Good comment :)


Lil said...

I would assume that if a vampire is immortal, he/she would be better able to bring about a better world than those who are perhaps shorted lived and shorter sighted.

June M. said...

If there were really vampires, I think there would be good vamps and evil vamps, just like there are people. It would depend on what they wanted to do if they could make the world better or worse. Older vamps would have more experience and be able to make decisions based upon everything they had seen and experienced in life.

manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks, Rain maiden, that's good to hear :).

Lil, I like to think so too.

June, that's fair. They could use their experience for any advantage, good or bad!


booklover0226 said...

I don't think so, especially if vampires look no different than humans and can walk around in broad daylight. I think folks would become crazy hysterical and would start staking anyone who is different.

Sorry for the pessimistic post.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

donnas said...

Congrats on the release!

I think they could but as with anyone else, it would depend on the vampire and if they choose to be good or evil. They have the time to learn from past mistakes and can teach and help to influence others not to make them as well. But only if they choose too.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Marie Treanor said...

Interesting, Tracey! That's much the view of my vampire hunters in the Awakened by Blood novels...

Thanks, Donna! And I suppose you're right - it's down to choice!


Barbara E. said...

It's possible that a vampire could bring about a better world, if he chose to do so. They have lots of time to think things through and bring about change.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

mariska said...

If a GOOD vampire do exist :) i think a vampire could bring a better world. they are immortal so they can do researches about anything.

and i want want so want to read this book :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Marie Treanor said...

Barbara - so true!

Mariska - I like that idea too. Thank you! I hope you get to read it soon :).

Thanks for all the answers yesterday - enjoyed reading them!


Jo's Daughter said...
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StacieDM said...

I think vampires could make the world better. They have been around for ages and would have witnessed humankind build itself up and tear itself down over and over again. They would have a unique perspective and world view.

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

Marie Treanor said...

Good thinking, Jo's Daughter and Stacie :) I'd buy that!