Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: Angel of Vengeance by Trevor Munson

Book Description:

The novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight puts a twist on the classic Dracula vampire tale and blends it with Chandler hardboiled P.I. detective fiction.

LA-based P.I. and vampire Mick Angel has been hired by a beautiful red-headed burlesque dancer to find her missing sister. But the apparently simple case of a teenage runaway is soon complicated by drug dealers, persistent cops, murder, and Mick’s own past. Mick must learn the hard way what every vampire should know--nothing stays buried forever, especially not the past.

My review:

I've always known that adapting a book to television or movies means big changes, no matter how well the book is written. I'm not sure why these changes have to happen because odd are that fans will like the book better. At least that's my experience and Angel of Vengeance was no exception. Moonlight was a good show (so don't start cursing me or writing nasty emails) but I prefer the grittier, decidedly darker Mick Angel over the softer, gentler TV version.

The noir vibe really worked for this book because it was authentic and consistent throughout. And right from the start you know that this vampire is a monster, a killer, and in no way romantic. Unless you find the process of banging blood like a heroin addict attractive. Each flashback (my favorite parts of the book) gave an in-depth look at the evolution of Mick Angel, along with the femme fatale girlfriend and of course, the final horrific betrayal that led to becoming a vampire. Mick's past isn't what I was expecting (drug addict, con artist) and I like the surprise in that. And then you also had present day scenes full of trash talking drug dealers, guns, strip clubs and yet another betrayal at the hands of a female character. Mick just doesn't have any luck when it comes to the ladies.

If you like original concepts within the vampire genre then I highly recommend this book because you definitely get a new spin on the subject. I also recommend this book to those that liked the television adaptation because it's always interesting to see the origins of a favorite vampire. Also, I saw on Trevor Munson's website that he now has permission to write more Mick Angel stories, so look for those in the near future.

*Reviewed for VampChix by Anna Dougherty
*This book was given to me for review purposes.

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