Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: The President's Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth

Book Description:

When a new outbreak of an ancient evil—one that Cade has seen before—comes to light, he and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must track down its source. The President suspects the threat might have ties to a high-level defense contractor—a private, Blackwater-like security force whose hired mercenaries who take a very dim view of being forced to work with the President’s men. To “protect and serve” often means settling old scores and confronting new betrayals . . . as only a century-old predator can.


Normally when I review a book I take notes on little sticky papers that I put in the front cover. It could be anything from page numbers for favorite scenes, quotes that I find amusing, plot elements that may or may not work for me etc. Only I was so eager and happy to finally be reading The President's Vampire that I forgot to take notes, except one lonely sentence that read: Cade is definitely back and better than ever! Not much help in the review department but it does convey my basic thoughts about the book.

Blood Oath, released last year, quickly became one of my all time favorite vampire books, which made me both nervous and excited for book two in the series. Sequels can be tricky territory but I worried for nothing because this book rocked my world! Everything was just...more. The mission was more difficult, the monsters more scary, the past more involved, the action more intense. And now you know why I am not a writer.

I've been trying to think of a comparison so that new readers might have a reference point but I can't think of any that are totally accurate. Cade is a little like Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Ethan Hunt, all wrapped into one badass vampire. Zach, Cade's human handler, has a bigger role in this book and I really enjoy his evolution and growth as he tries to adapt to his new lifestyle. He's still witty, delivering some of the most memorable lines in the book, but he has grown into his responsibilities and gets a bigger piece of the action this time around.

The President's Vampire has something for every reader, male or female, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The subject matter is relevant to world events and written in such a way that it plays out quite visually in your head. I certainly wish we had a Cade to help deal with all the baddies that lurk out there. If you're worried that this is a second book, don't be. Although a few references to Blood Oath are made the book can easily be read as a stand alone action adventure novel with no trouble to the reader. Everything you need to know is explained. However, I do think you should read both books because they are just that good.

*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for VampChix
*I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads program


Rain Maiden said...

I enjoyed Blood Oath. It was one of those stories that I kept thinking about long after I read it. I look forward to The Presidents Vampire. Great post Anna.

Miranda Grissom said...

I just bought Blood Oath. I've heard so many wonderful things about it. I can't wait to read it! I'm sure next up will be The President's Vampire :)

Patricia Altner said...

I enjoyed both books. They are so much fun to read!