Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest: Jessie Mahoney

VampChix welcomes Jessie Mahoney to the coffin today.  She has three vampire stories out right now in her The Community series, and I know you'll want to learn more about them, so here's Jessie...

So many people ask me, “Why vampires?” Or better yet, the people who know me often say, “I didn't know you liked vampires!” Truthfully, I don't go around dressed in black, lacy bustiers with pointed canine implants in place of my own teeth, so I suppose, unless engaged in this topic of conversation, one wouldn't know that I do, in fact, have enough of an interest in vampires to create my own little world in which they exist. 

I must confess, I do not watch all that much T.V., but when I do get hooked on a series, boy do I get hooked! They are few and far between and currently include Criminal Minds and NCIS. One of the first series, if not THE first television series I obsessively watched from season 1 to the very end was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and then of course Angel, once that began. 

My favorite character on Buffy was Spike, and although there are similarities between he and the sexy Edric, my main character in “The Community” series, I was very careful not to recreate him. But what woman doesn't go weak at the sound of a foreign accent coming out of a rugged looking man who emanates danger and excitement? 

In my world, vampires are in small communities all over the world, and have remained this way for centuries, staying under the radar of the human population and only integrating with humans when necessary. They have mastered the ability to co-exist, not always peacefully, as some unfortunate humans find out. They are as smart as they were when they were human, and continue to grow wiser through their demon, the longer they exist as a vampire. They are sexy. They are dangerous. They are not perfect. They can choose to struggle to maintain some of their humanity, or foolishly let their demon take over, but those vampires are not tolerated well. The Community is not a democracy. It is a self-governing sect that follows the rules of its leader, or risk death; more often than not, that death is cruel, as an example to the rest.

I like when vampires have a choice. They are not completely defined by the demon that lies within them. Although my vampires feed from humans, they do not need to always kill the human. In fact there are those humans that choose to be “sources” for them. But there are also those times when humans cross the wrong person and never live to tell about it. In my third book there is a kick-ass scene where a small band of bikers mistakenly cross with Edric and his Community and... well, you'll just have to read about it.

I think of my books as a television series, and each book is a weekly episode. They are quick reads, each being under 200 pages. I aim to grab the reader immediately and let the story flow so cohesively that the reader doesn't even realize they are reading until it's time to turn that final page. I hate when I read books and feel like it's work. I don't know about you, but I work a full time job while raising a family and writing only when the kids go to bed until I can barely keep my eyes open anymore at about 1AM or so; if I get time to read, I want it to be a leisurely activity. 

Please take some time to watch the book trailers I made as well as take a peek at the previews of each book at

Any books, whether paperback or ebook, bought from this site only, will have half the proceeds go to PonyTales horse rescue in PA.

Books are also available at amazon kindle and Barnes & Noble nook books.

This first book in a new series finds Forsythea Daniels as she has just left her simple life in the small town of Lake George, N.Y. to start anew on Long Island as a freelance photographer for a local newspaper. While on her first crime scene she meets a man named Edric, who saves her life more than once; but is this man her savior or a part of something else; something that has learned to survive over the centuries? The Community lives in the shadows and the human population pretends it does not exist. But as Forsythea is about to discover, there are indeed things that go bump in the night, and she has fallen in love with one of them.

Edric has rules within his Community, rules that have thus far kept them safe and out of the light of the human world. But when child vampires begin to mysteriously show up around the town he has no other choice but to step in and find out who has gone against their code. When he meets Forsythea, he feels the demon inside of him struggling to be set free and possess her. Can he keep in control of his humanity, or will he allow his darker side to take over?

In the second volume we meet Jonathan, who has come a long way to find his ex-fiance Thea; and he has a terrifying agenda in place for their reunion. Forsythea is just starting to get used to the idea of the existence of vampires, that is, until she goes to photograph her first murder case and sees the horrific mauling of a young woman. That's when she realizes that there are worse things out there in the night besides her new lover Edric and his Community.

Edric can sense the presence of the lycan that has come to the city of Pellman. But can he find it and stop it in time to save his Community and his lover?

The third book in this exciting vampire series will find Thea caught in a battle of black magic brought on by a man determined to hunt down and kill as many vampires as he can. Now he has come to Pellman, and he knows about Edric.

23 years ago the vampiress Molly, unknowingly, made a grave mistake, and now the result of that has returned to hunt those within the Community. In the meantime, can Thea come to terms with her new life and the impact it may have on her soul and its eternal life. Is she too lost in the world of vampires to be saved?

Is the new priest really what he seems? Is he a man of God, or a deliverer of evil? He knows Thea is connected to the vampires, but when his dark curse fails to bring Thea to him, he enlists the help of a young man who battles a violent darkness of his own. Will Thea survive her abduction? Can Edric find her before it is too late? He will need to reach back into his past to once again unlock the secrets of magic, if they all hope to survive the battle to come.

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