Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Blood Hostage by Margaret Carter

Book Description:

Descended from a long line of vampire hunters, Hal Bergson realizes not all bloodthirsty creatures of the night are merciless killers. Still, he knows better than to trust one of them. His principles are tested, though, when his cousin, in training to follow their family's vocation, rashly tries to rescue a girl from a homicidal vampire, Conan MacEwan. Now both young people are trapped in Conan's lair, with their lives dependent on the whim of his appetite for blood and revenge. 

Hal sees one chance to save them. Monique Dubois, a female vampire Hal has spent months observing at very close range, seems to have a relationship with Conan. Hal drugs and imprisons her in hopes she will help him save the captives. Since the girl is Monique's favorite donor, she grudgingly agrees to join forces with Hal, even though his family has stalked her kind for generations. One problem—Monique is approaching the peak of her infrequent heat cycle. She needs to mate tonight, and no male vampire is near enough except Conan. She must turn to Hal for relief or risk an involuntary surrender to Conan's lust, no matter how much she detests the rogue vampire. 

Can Hal and Monique put aside their mutual distrust to share a night of passion? Can a mere mortal satisfy a vampire's sexual need? Before their rescue mission ends, they end up forging a deeper bond than either one expected or desired... 

Novellas are always good to read and so difficult to review. They are the perfect size for a quick, end of the day, relaxing read which is the very thing that makes dissecting them so difficult. I started Blood Hostage after the kids went to bed last night and was able to finish before I needed to turn in, so under 2 hours. Just enough time to immerse myself in the action, and the passion. 

Monique is an unapologetic vampire that has been captured by an unapologetic vampire slayer, Hal. So right off you get the conflict that any attraction would bring to the story, and in this case the feelings are mutual and definitely shared. After a few weeks hanging out together, something that is explained in a few sentences as opposed to actually including those weeks in the story, it becomes really obvious that Hal and Monique want each other bigtime, and that all those bottled up feelings are about to explode. I loved that Hal was so bold in his passions and also able to readily accept Monique as his partner. They make an interesting team and I can only imagine how the future will look for them~vampire and slayer. Good times!

As with most short stories you really have to suspend the normal constructs for a relationship to develop because you are on a crunched timeframe and things have to happen quickly. It's just a little peek, that's all. And this was certainly a hot and steamy peek! This was my first novella from Margaret Carter but definitely not my last!

For more information about Blood Hostage or other work by Margaret Carter, visit Carter's Crypt.

*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for VampChix
*This book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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