Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Dark Passages by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Book Description:
Dark Passages is a coming-of-age story encapsulating the romance and innocence of JFK’s Camelot era and the tumultuous “dark passages” of Meg Harrison, a vampire raised by her mother to resist the temptation of human blood. Meg arrives in New York determined not to use her vampiric gifts to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She joins the cast of the cult hit “Dark Passages,” only to face her nemesis, a beautiful 300-year-old witch bent on destroying her. Their rivalry leads to a final confrontation as the telekinetic vampire and spell-weaving sorceress engage in a spectacular battle for supremacy. It takes all of Meg’s wit and tenacity to defeat the witch and win the affections of a handsome young mortal with a secret life of his own.
A vampire, farmer, Playboy Bunny, and an actress! All in a days work for Meg Harrison.  Meg is trying to resist her urges as a vampire and just have a normal human life. Her take is that you don’t really know about vampires because she can function just fine in daylight, does not need human blood (She can survive on the occasional squirrel or bird), and seems like an ordinary girl. After high school she sets off to the big city to become an actress and begins her work as a Playboy Bunny in the notorious Bunny Club. While working she also goes to auditions and finally lands a part in the daytime soap opera Dark Passages. Things are going pretty good and she is able to push away her bodies need for blood, until a strange presence begins to cause trouble. Trouble in the form of a jealous witch. What will Meg do to keep this witch from destroying everything while dealing with what the witch has already taken from her? You've really got to read and find out! No spoilers here.
This book is not your normal vampire book.  It was a great twist on what you would typically read a vampire novel for.  The characters in the story don’t know that they are in the presence of a vampire at all and they are never in any vampire-like harm.  I thought it was a refreshing take on vampires, and it played out like the soap opera the characters were acting in.  The main character Meg was an average girl, not a blood crazy vampire, and her dramas just happen to be different from ours because she had to deal with paranormal activity that humans just didn’t understand. Oh, and her occasional blood needs!
The writing style was easy to read and the story flowed nicely. It sometimes felt like Meg was telling you the story directly and that you were sitting there listening. I also thought the characters and world were very well developed and full of details. Because the main story was set in New York it wasn't much of a stretch to imagine the setting at all. 
~Anna here. Pardon the interruption but I just wanted to add that this book has the potential to appeal to a wide audience as it combines so many popular elements from pop culture, including the classic, groundbreaking television show, Dark Shadows, and the iconic Bunny Club from the 1960's. Also, I would easily recommend this book to both the YA crowd and any adult fan of vampire fiction.
Also, Kathryn has a lovely website and blog that you can check out for more information about Dark Passages, the original Dark Shadows, and the re-issue of The Bunny Years, which might be used as a source for the upcoming NBC show. Just click here.
*This book was sent by the author for review purposes.
*Reviewed by guest reviewer Jenny Osborne, with additional comments by Anna Dougherty.


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Cylver said...

Like so many from my generation, I too used to run home from school every day so I wouldn't miss a minute of that day's installment of Dark Shadows! So glad to see that Kathryn Leigh Scott is busy keeping DS fandom alive. Can't wait to read Dark Passages!

Anne said...

Received my copy of Dark Passages from Kathryn. She is so gracious and talented! This book is a must read for any fan of the sixties, the Bunny Clubs, and of course, Dark Shadows!! And where would we be today w/o Dark Shadows?? Just look at the popularity of the teen sensation Twilight series or the adult True Blood!!