Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest: S.J. Wright

Please welcome S.J. Wright today (a little late; my fault) but she's here!  Her latest is THE VAMPIRE'S CURSE.

By S.J. Wright

I never thought I would end up writing vampire stories.  I guess I always imagined myself as a historical romance author (if I ever summoned up the nerve necessary to contact an agent or a publisher).  But after I saw Twilight, I began reading vampire stories again.  In fact, my Kindle had about five new titles on it per week.  I’m just that kind of a reader, and I know there are other obsessive readers out there like myself.  Yes, I’m talking to you!
We are the kind of readers who gobble up dozens of books a month, who hate to put our e-readers down for even a few moments to go to the bathroom.  We finish one book and immediately pick up another one, usually in the same genre.  We need more.  We want to be lost in other worlds.  It’s a condition that the American Medical Association should take a serious look at, in my humble opinion.
But it’s probably a mild condition compared to the Twilight syndrome.  Millions of teenage and twenty-something girls suddenly believing that vampires sparkle, do just fine in the daylight, never sleep, and would like nothing more than to protect awkward girls like themselves from other nasty creatures of the night who have much lower moral standards.  Blood from animals?  Phooyee!  That’s disgusting.  What freaks.
The scariest thing is that they probably want their boyfriends to be just like Edward.  Hey there, girlfriend.  Here’s a little heads up for you.  Teenage boys think about sex all the time.  They say no to sex about as often as Charlie Sheen says no to publicity.  They’re not wired for denial like we females are.  Personally, I still love the story that Meyers told.  I’m with Team Jacob.  I’m a sucker for a hot guy with real emotions who I can cuddle up with on the couch without worrying about freezing to death.
Overall, Twilight syndrome has been a Godsend for “aspiring” authors like myself.  I don’t mind admitting that I’m still an amateur.  I have a lot to learn about writing.  Hopefully, that education will continue into the days when I’m old and forgetting where I put my Kindle (I think I did that yesterday).  But Meyers did a service to writers everywhere when Twilight syndrome took over the bookstore shelves in our local B&N.  She opened up the world of fiction to people who never would have cracked open a book unless their friends threatened them with the possibility of posting those horrible sleepover pictures on Facebook.  They opened a book.  Some of them are now obsessed readers like I am.  Some of them are recovering from Twilight syndrome and reaching out into other genres.  Zombies.  Shifters.  Fairies.  Doesn’t matter.  They’re finding new worlds.  They’re learning about other kinds of people.  It’s an exercise in opening new worlds.  It’s the best gift you can ever give anyone.  So thank you, Stephenie Meyers.
What is one book that has changed your life or really opened you up to the world of reading?

S.J. Wright has been writing fiction for many years, but only recently introduced her work to the world at large.  In February of 2011, she published The Vampire’s Warden, the first book in the Undead in Brown County series.  At the end of June, she released the second book in the series, The Vampire’s Curse, which has become a top seller in Amazon’s Horror category and in Vampire Romance.  If you would like more information about S.J. (Stephanie), please visit her website at  She’d love to hear from you.

The Vampire’s Curse by S.J. Wright – Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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