Sunday, August 21, 2011

Season II of Vampirism Bites

Vampirism Bites Second Season premieres on Wednesday, August 17th!

This season: Belle gets to know her "Mother", The Dracula *her*self, better while the being known only as The First Hunter works his way toward the only goal in his Crusading, Undying Life: The End of all Vampires. Or is that really his goal?

We'll be having an additional 13 episodes, a new episode each week.
Episodes will debut on our website/blip.player on Wednesdays.

Along with most of the returning cast, we proudly introduce Katie Laban taking the role of Belle from Natalie Baxter (who was not able to join us due to other life commitments), and new characters coming into the mix over the course of the season.

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