Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest: Bertena Varney

VampChix welcomes Bertena Varney to the hot spot today!  Her latest is LURE OF THE VAMPIRE, A Pop Culture Reference Book of Lists, Websites, and "Very Telling" Personal Essays.  A great reference book for the vampire fan or authors.  It's concise enough to assist you in finding links to what you are looking for without being too cumbersome and confusing.  Now, here's Bertena!

Hi everyone and thanks for having me here today. I am going to talk about my new book, Lure of the Vampire. At first glance everyone thinks that it’s a vampire romance book. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not an accurate description. 
So, what is Lure of the Vampire?
Lure of the Vampire is a pop culture reference book for fans, writers, and students of the vampire. I began the book discussing the mythology of the vampire and then moved on to the historical vampires where I not only discuss Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory but other serial killers throughout time that have killed in a vampiric fashion and have gained the name of the vampire. In this section Denise Verrico, a modern science fiction vampire author and I discuss the different mythologies of the vampire. We provide websites and more for those that are interested in learning more can research this further. There are also fun lists dealing with how to become a vampire and how not to become a vampire.. depending upon your wish.
The next sections discuss the literature, movies, and television show that deal with vampires. We begin with Polidori’s Vampyre, LeFanu’s Carmilla, Prest’s Varney the Vampire, and Stoker’s Dracula. There are essays here on the lack of black vampires in pop culture, Dracula’s life in film, the romance of vampires and a lot more.
The rest of the book deals with topics that are in some way new to many vampire books- children’s vampires, vampire cyberworld, recreation and games, educational classes, and of course interviews with modern vampires in the subculture including a vampire priestess, magician, and the council that helps rule over the culture to ensure that both the vampires are safe as well as those who are interested in the culture.
Lure was an adventure in writing. It began as a college master’s paper and grew into a huge research project. I think I finally decided to take my research, my paper, and my interest of the vampire and turn it into a reference book was when I had several author friends emailed me questions about different facts about the vampire that they could use in their book. I heard many times, “I wish we could find these answers all in one place. “ I then decided that maybe a book was a good idea.
So, Lure was born. I added the websites that I found while writing my paper as well as educational resources that I found. For, example The Dracula Society and Elizabeth Miller were great resources on Dracula and led me to other professors that taught classes dealing with vampire literature, movies, books ,etc.
It is a very quick grab and is not as large as some other books but includes many resources for vampire fan, author and more.
Does anyone have any questions about the book? Please comment below and I will answer them.

I am currently at ScareFest, a huge Horror and Paranormal Convention where Elvira is the guest star and I am the horror guest speaker. 

If you would like more information about my book or other writings please visit my two websites at and www.bertenavarney. Please Like my Facebook page and follow me on twitter @tenavarney

Thanks for having me today and don’t forget to purchase Lure of the Vampire on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both print and electronic form.


Lorelei said...

Definitely put this on my TO READ list.

But one question--and I have been working on this myself--the addiction of blood (really) for humans. Rather than trying to fit it into a fictional/lore category, I've been learning about actual addictions (Goth movement/sanguinarians to name a few), and so forth. Drinking it in some cases becomes a powerful hallucinogen--supposedly.

What have you come across on this? Just wondering.

Great post, Michele! Definitely a need to read!

Bertena Varney said...

There is a section in the book that covers sanguarian vampires, I have Aldo interviewed Ausrey Kogler a vampire priestess, and the gentleman on the cover Vlad- he is sanguarian and psi. I was also given a rare opportunity to speak with and include the interview of the new England council of vampires and include many private vampire websites
I cover it lightly but will cover it more in the next book
Does that help answer your question:)
It's very interesting and I know many in real lufe