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Review: Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

Publication Date: October 25, 2011
ISBN-10: 1420109863
ISBN-13: 978-1420109863

The Nightwalkers- Book 6

Haunted by magic, beset by evil, the Nightwalkers face their darkest hour yet. And when they unthinkable happens, only one legendary male has the power, the will, to save them: Adam....


From their first tantalizing touch, Jasmine knows he is different. What other lover could unlock her tight control, flood Vampire senses jaded by a lifetime of decadent self indulgence? Centuries ago, when he disappeared without a trace, she had given up hope of ever fulfilling the promise of incomparable passion. But here he is, against the very laws of nature, ready to bring down their most vicious enemy, ready to bring her blood to the boiling point.... If she will only let him.


If you've read the other books in this series, like I have, then this was like riding an emotional roller coaster to hell and back again. I was so floored at the beginning that I didn't even take notes. It went a bit like this:

Turn page, turn page, gasp in shock, turn page, look at cover to make sure I was reading the right book, turn page, gasp, stare unbelieving at my husband like he could somehow fix it, turn page, turn page, and repeat.

Things like this make it exceptionally hard to review a book because I want to talk about why I read voraciously for hours until this book was finished, only I can't really do that. I did manage a few notes towards the end, but because I also have a strict no spoiler policy, and any discussion of the plot would ruin it for other readers, I can't talk about those parts either. Maybe I should start a chat or something.

Here's what I can tell you:

I love the characters in this series and I've been a big fan since the very beginning, so it's easy enough to recommend this book. Adam is an excellent addition and he definitely adds to the ongoing storyline. These books do have a continuing story arc that crosses from one book to the next, however, it isn't difficult to read this as a stand alone. I didn't have time to reacquaint myself with previous books, but that didn't create any issues for me trying to follow along.

The romance between Jasmine and Adam is intense, hotter than hell, sweet as sin, and they fall very, very fast. In fact, that is my only real complaint with the story because that kind of love takes time to build, and they definitely skip the getting to know you stage. It's a believability issue for me and fated mate or no, I find it hard to believe that lasting love occurs over the course of a day or two. Lust, yes. Even a level of respect and trust can be achieved fairly quickly, but as with most mate-style romances, they accept their fate without much arguing. I still like them, the book still put me through the emotional wringer and I still want more from Jacquelyn Frank. If you enjoy reading Alexandra Ivy or Lara Adrian, then The Nightwalkers should be a good fit for you. If you like fast paced action that keeps you on the edge of your seat then the same goes.

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*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for VampChix

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