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Review: Bride of the Night by Heather Graham

Book description:

She's the vampire that could destroy a nation.At least, that's what Pinkerton detective Finn Dunne thinks of Tara Fox. Capturing her aboard a ship sneaking its way northward, he's convinced she's been sent to take out President Lincoln. While she's certainly the most attractive assassin he's ever faced, that won't keep him from his duty.
Tara has always been caught between worlds. As a vampire born and raised in Key West, she has many friends among the humans. Many friends that are now fighting and dying in the raging Civil War.
When her strange dreams began, she thought of them as abstract visions. But she now knows that she must travel to Washington, D.C., and protect the president at all costs. Finn still won't trust her, despite what he's seen. And if Tara has to go through him—or bring reinforcements—to save Lincoln, she will do whatever it takes, even if it costs her her heart.


Heather Graham has an incredible knack for historical descriptions, making the reader an extension of the scene, with each word creating a deeper sense of authenticity. I can't imagine the amount of research that goes into each book, the same can be said for her Krewe of Hunters series which is also fabulous. I am able to learn about these factual events through her fictional world because the details are plentiful and thorough. It's like a side adventure on a video game: I read about some battle in the Civil War, for example, and then I look it up on the computer to see what's real and what's not. I love it! Tara's "dream" discussions with Lincoln make me wish that I had the opportunity to meet with such a great man and leader for myself. The Civil War makes a believable backdrop for a vampire book and the historical additions make the story interesting and the characters more dimensional.
We are born, we love, we see the world around us, and we find our place within it. We all know laughter and happiness, and tragedy. We are the same, really.~ Lincoln, speaking to Tara

Tara and Finn make a fine couple and an even finer team. Finn takes great pride in his job as a Pinkerton man and maintains a razor sharp focus, one that Tara manages to shake. She also gives him a new sense of hope. Her ability to survive hardship and violence, while embracing her half-blood vampire status, all without losing any of the qualities that make her such a beautiful person, draws Finn closer. She feels so much and because of her Finn can as well. He accepts her equally, not to say easily as it takes time for them to acknowledge their feelings and trust. They develop slowly buy passionately, like a slow burn, that evolves into something strong and unbreakable.
As an added bonus we get to reacquaint ourselves with Cole and Megan, along with Cody and Alexandra, both couples from the other vampire books. It isn't necessary to read these in order, just fun, all stand alone just fine. I'm not the best at finding comparable authors since that is totally subjective, but I think if you like Stella Cameron (Out of Body) or Brenda Joyce (Masters of Time series) then you will probably like most of Graham's books too.

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