Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VampChix is...revamping!

As most of you know I have two paranormal-related blogs, VampChix and Bite Club.  I do the majority of the work here at VampChix, along with some fabulous helpers, such as Margaret L. Carter, Patricia Altner, Roxanne Rhoads, Shauna Leigh Atkinson and Anna Dougherty.  Not to mention all the great guests we have!
Bite Club is principally run by the amazing Anna Dougherty (I couldn't have that blog without her), along with her regular contributors, Jen D., Betty Turner, and Jenny O.  Great stuff over at Bite Club, and it encompasses all paranormals not just vampires, as we do here at VampChix.
With less and less time to devote to both blogs, and a genuine desire to put out the best content possible, I plan to combine the two next year, along with The Ultimate VampList.
What I'd love to hear from you all are the things you enjoy most about the two blogs.  What you think are definite keepers, what you don't pay much attention to.  Is there something that keeps you coming back to visit either blog?  Is there something missing that you'd like to see featured?  And also, do you have a title suggestion?  I'd like to keep both VampChix and Bite Club, but how to combine them?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Lil said...

I think that both blogs are engaging and I enjoy visiting even when I don't comment so that you have seen that I was here.

As for a name blend....how about Vamp Club: Chix with Bite?

Lil said...

er...And Their Paranormal Pals?

Roni said...

I'm awful at coming up with names and titles, but I have to say I like Lil's. Or maybe change 'chix with bite' change to 'chix that bite.'
I've never been to Bite Club. I'll saunter on over sometime today.