Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest: Jeff Berg

VampChix welcomes Jeff Berg today with an appropriately vampy Christmas story, MRS. CLAUS & THE BATTY CHRISTMAS, that will appeal to all!  If the gorgeous artwork within the covers doesn't attract you, the cute tale certainly will.  And just in time for Christmas, Jeff has a copy of the book for one lucky winner.  So answer his delving question at the end of this post, and let's all have a vampy Christmas!

So why a Vampire Christmas book? Well, my house like many over the past couple years has been consumed with the Twilight series. We then graduated to True Blood but then all hades broke loose and my wife was reading anything and everything in the genre. As a family who “lives out loud” my young twin daughters were not only aware of this emerging trend but immersed in it.

So it should have been no surprise when my daughter came to me on Christmas morning two years ago and asked “Dad, how do vampires get their presents if they’re up all night?” I knew at that moment that I had just been given my gift. Now, for the record I drew pictures as a kid but I had let these skills rust as an adult. Yet Christmas day, inspired by her question, I began drawing and writing about vampires.

Now when it came time to publish, I knew first hand what a Herculean and almost impossible task this was. My first job in NYC was book design. So when it came time to actually make the book I made the decision to self publish. You only live once. Right?

It’s really been fun getting emails and even pictures from new “little” fans of the book. And just this past week I was notified that I’m a nominee for the MN Book Awards. Last week I even received a hug from a little girl at the end of my last reading. And that’s made it all worth it. Hope you enjoy the book.

To find out more and purchase books go to:  [do stop by the site where you can preview the book!]

Remember when Peeps were just for Easter? Is this melding of holidays and genres good or bad? And I won’t be offended if you Christmas purists stick it to me ;)   


Rain Maiden said...

My daughter will watch The Nightmare before Christmas all year long. I try to keep the Halloween books separate from the Christmas, but she always asks to watch Jack Skelton. I don't see the harm in twisting two holidays together.

SandyG265 said...

I don't have any problem with merging things from different holidays. It can be fun if it's done right.

Lil said...

I actually enjoy the melding, myself. And I love the query from your daughter that inspired your book.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I think this is fabulous! My house is a year round hodge-podge of vampires, bats and Nightmare Before Christmas. And the endless assortment of books and movie posters too. People are able to see my personality when they walk into my home. It's bright and fun. Probably a bit childish, but it's me. Thankfully, Flyboy doesn't mind:)

Melding holidays seems like a natural fit to me and I am definitely grabbing this book. We have a variety of books that we read each year, a fav is from Dean Koontz, and this will fit right in.