Sunday, February 26, 2012


We're going to try to feature a book every weekend (try, being the key word in this sentence), so let's have a go at it with this hot werewolf title!  Lisa Renee Jones's WICKED WEREWOLF NIGHT, is book #1 of the Werewolf Society series.  Only .99 cents for a digital copy!

From Lisa's Website regarding this world:  These are the stories of the elite Royal Guard who protects both the wolves of the Society and the innocent humans. For a century now, the natural born werewolves have been in the midst of a civil war. The Rebels would make humans a food group, rather than living with them in peace. The war is a distraction from a  bigger problem, THE REDS. The Reds are wolves created by a virus much like the rabies virus. The RED virus turns humans into vicious killers. Now the Society must fight the Reds and the Rebels to protect humanity.
Natural born wolves live hundred of years, again very slowly. They have an uneasy alliance with the Vampire world, as you will learn in the first three books of the Vampire Wardens. It is not necessary to read the Wardens first though I think its a good introduction into this world.

Book #2, WICKED WEREWOLF SECRET, is out March 28th.

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