Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Freebie!

Yolanda Sfetsos has a free vampire novel available for download from the publisher, UNSEEN: A prequel to Unnatural.  Here's the blurb:

No matter how much Trina wants to pretend she can lead a normal life, vampires always destroy her illusion of normalcy. Not even working a simple retail job keeps them away. And when she captures the attention of a man who needs her help, she's thrown into a dangerous game of hunting down a demented rogue vampire.

Doug has heard about The Allure, but he never thought he'd experience it for himself. Even though Trina, who draws vampires to her like a moth to a flame, is certain to kill him, he needs her help to tidy up a vampiric loose end.

As they work together to defeat the rogue vamp creating chaos in Sydney’s suburbia, Trina soon realizes that Doug is hiding something. If she's right about him, can she ignore the compulsion living deep inside that demands she kill every vampire who crosses her path?


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