Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Download a free vamp short!

Lynda Hilburn's UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is now available free at Smashwords for a limited time.  This story takes place immediately after the events in her novel THE VAMPIRE SHRINK.  Download it now!


Sharon K said...

Thank you!!! ~*♥ ♥ ♥*~

Danmark said...

Enough with the dark & deadly vampires! I was looking for a short change of pace which is what I got with Until Death Do Us Part. Psychiatrist Kismet Knight has a job like no one else. She's a shrink for the undead. After a hard week of work, she's looking forward to a glass of wine & her undead significant other. Unfortunately, she has one more appointment--with a couple of married vampires. I don't want to give away the fast-moving & satisfying plot. Sufficient to say, Kismet is REALLY going to need that wine by the time she gets rid of the battling couple. In a few fascinating words Lynda Hilburn brings her setting, characters, and conflict to life. Well worth the .99 I spent. I don't expect any writer to write for free. Thanks for the warp-speed ride & chuckles.