Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My poo-pec told me to! Guest Blog with Rachel Firasek

On a clear-your-head nature walk yesterday with my youngest daughter, we had an interesting conversation. She wanted to throw out prompts, hoping to trick me up. I’d bragged that I could create a story about anything. (Probably not the best thing to do with a fourteen year old girl.)

She ate up the challenge and began spitting out things like: 1. The tree said to the snake crawling up it’s bark… 2. Why’s that tree bent at the base… 3. My poo-peck tells me to do things…

It’s the last one that got my Freud-radar up. I turned to her and winked. For anyone that doesn’t know, she was referring to her belly-button. :-) This is what I told her:

I sat there staring at my ceiling, missing your father and wondering how I was going to make it through eight more months without him. I glanced at my bedside table and noticed a book I’d not finished. Maybe I’d read to fight the insomnia plaguing me. I shuffled through the pages and remembered why I hadn’t finished, the story just wasn’t grabbing me.

I crawled to my laptop and began typing out words. After two hours of mad typing, I realize that I had a first chapter of a story. My poo-pec tingled. It was telling me that this was my path. Two years later, I’m a multi-published author in paranormal romance. So, now, baby-girl, when my poo-pec tells me to do things, I listen. It’s a gut instinct and it’s almost never wrong.

This is a totally true story and when it was finished, my daughter just sat there with her mouth hanging open, flies threatening to enter. “Mom, no way! You can make a story up about anything.”
I giggled. It’s so easy to make her believe that I’m awesome. I hope she never learns the truth—that I’m not ten feet tall and bullet proof. But, for now, I’ll take it.

Have you ever had a moment in life that your gut just told you something was right? I’d love to hear about it.

The Last Beginning

By Rachel Firasek
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Release Date: February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-937044-56-5

Sadie’s days fighting off greedy claim jumpers ended in 1856 when Osiris snatched her from her filthy room and placed her with a trio of phoenixes. After 150 years living a respectable life saving souls, she’s tired of playing by the god’s rules. It’s time the master of manipulation learned her creed: live hard, play for keeps, and never let the enemy see you suffer.

Osiris never imagined the true queen he’s spent two millennia searching for would be a half-pint redhead with a mouth that makes him blush. She needs a gentle hand to breach her defenses, but living with her and keeping his natural arrogance at a simmer proves a challenge worthy of any champion.

While Osiris teaches her the wisdom needed to rule a world with fairness, the irritating god only intensifies Sadie’s belief in her creed, reinforcing the walls that keep her from happiness. If Osiris can’t win her hardened heart, Sadie’s ascension might threaten the world he’s struggled to create.


Title: The Last Awakening
(Curse of the Phoenix, #2)
Author: Rachel Firasek
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Release Date: December 2011
ISBN: 978-1-937044-44-1

Book Description:

For three hundred years, Arabella’s life has been one meaningless death after another. In a cruel twist of fate, Osiris–god of the Underworld–gifts the phoenix her mortality and returns her voodoo magic. If she fails to harness her wayward magic and save a man worthy of a second chance, she’ll forfeit her power and her soul–forever.

Ex-soldier Greyson Meadows desperately wants to be freed from the nightmares and guilt that haunt him after the tragedy that brought him and Ari together. Confronted by the waif of a woman who forces him to face his worst fears, he resists, fighting the need to keep his personal demons hidden instead of setting them free.

When Ari becomes the target of her own magical blunder, it’s not just her life in danger, but now the one of the man she loves.

Title: The Last Rising
Author: Rachel Firasek
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Release Date: September 2011
ePub ISBN: 978-1-937044-28-2
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-937044-29-9

Book Description:

After paying two millennia’s penance to Osiris, world-weary Phoenix Ice has had enough. Saving souls without any hope for her own redemption isn’t how she imagined spending eternity. Fed up, she decides her next death will be her last. But when she sacrifices her own life for a sexy Texan in a catastrophic plane crash, she has no idea the consequences will be so great…or that she’ll end up back in his life for her next assignment.

Now that Turner Alcott has survived the worst, finding a wife and mother for his son matters more than ever before. When the mysterious Ice comes into his life, Turner knows she’s the one—but love is the last thing Ice wants. If he wants to win her heart, Turner must teach Ice how to forgive herself, and prove that love is the ultimate sacrifice.

About the Author:

Rachel Firasek grew up in the south and despite the gentle pace, she harassed life at full steam. Her curiosity about mythology, human nature, and the chemical imbalance we call love led her to writing. Her stories began with macabre war poems and shifted to enchanted fairytales, before she settled on a blending of the two.

Today you’ll find her tucked on a small parcel of land, surrounded by bleating sheep and barking dogs, with her husband and children. She entertains them all with her wacky sense of humor or animated reenactments of bad 80’s dance moves.

She’s intrigued by anything unexplained and seeks the answers to this crazy thing we call life. You can find her where the heart twists the soul and lights the shadows… or at .

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Roxanne Rhoads said...

I love that poo pec, fun term for belly button.

I try to follow my gut instinct when I can, I have noticed when I don't things don't urn out right.

Same for writing, I'm not sure if my gut has told me what to write but it's definitely pushed me in the right direction