Monday, March 12, 2012


Just got this snazzy little book of postcards in the mail today, VAMPIRES: 30 POSTCARDS compiled by Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Matthew David Becket.  Gorgeous!  When Amazon doesn't have the 'look inside' feature for things like art books, I am bummed.  And I had expected some rather dull, macabre, old art images, but am delightfully and a bit ghoulishly surprised at the contents.  Artists range from Michael Park, Deseo, and Gris Grimly, toVincent Natale (cover art for Cole's Wicked Deeds on A Winter Night!) and Patrick Jones.  Not a single postcard that doesn't depict the vampire in vivid color on deliciously matte, thick paper.  Any would be suitable for framing.  The only pick I have is that it appears some of the postcards towards the middle of the book might be difficult to remove.  If I crease the binding it tends to bend some, so that may prove tricky.  Otherwise, well worth the $9.95 price tag. Highly recommended for all lovers of vampiric art!
If you win a contest book at this blog, I'll be sending a note on one of these postcards until I run out.  Great stuff!

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