Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: WATCHER: Book 1 of The Chosen by Roh Morgon

Book Description:
Predator. Killer. Monster.

The words echo in Sunny Martin’s head each time she looks in the mirror. Since the night she was torn from her car and drained of her blood, Sunny’s fear of the hungry beast within her is rivaled only by the fear of exposure.

Her lonely struggle to survive on the edge of the human world leads Sunny to the mountain peaks of Colorado where she meets Nicolas, the enigmatic leader of a hidden society.

Their passion, tainted by betrayal, violence, and murder, reveals a shocking truth behind Sunny's savage nature and drives her toward an agonizing Choice between her heart and the last remnant of her human soul.
Jenny's Review:
Sunny hates the monster she has become. She wishes she could go back to her old life, and still watches her daughter from a distance. She is sad to see her daughter mature without her and also to see that she now has a grandchild that she will never know. After yet another incident where the beast escapes her Sunny finds herself on the move again. She is determined this time to keep as far away from people as possible, and be close to the forest to let her inner beast get its fill. Sunny is not prepared to meet Nicolas, to whom she feels an immediate pull toward. Nicolas is a very old vampire who is interested to learn about this new Chosen one, who is different than any Chosen he has met before. But as Nicolas tries to draw Sunny into the Game that the Chosen ones play, she is resistant and doesn’t understand what is happening.  When she feels the stress of all the new rules and the over controlling from Nicolas she tries to run back, to be more like herself, and is attacked. When she comes to, she realizes that she is no longer in control, and finds herself being taken further away from who she was and wants to be.  Can she fight to stay with Nicolas and love him like he loves her, or will the fact that he is trying to change her prove to much for her and push her away?
This was an interesting book.  It was full of confusion for the main character who is lost in this new world of the Chosen’s hierarchy and way of life.  It shows that even when you stray very far from yourself, it is hard to make changes and the moral compass that you find yourself battling with will never go away fully. Told from the main character, Sunny's, point of view you really get to know her as a character and feel the pain she is undertaking with her struggle to find peace with what she is becoming. But I felt that the character of Nicolas was just strange, and the book never lets on to anything with him, except for little inserts here and there about what he is thinking. It is obvious that he is trying to control and change her, and I think that I was frustrated by this.  All in all, it was a good read and the writing style was easy to read and drew me in.  
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