Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest: Theresa Meyers

Please welcome Theresa Meyers today, who has a hot new steampunk romance you'll all want to check out titled, THE SLAYER.  Theresa has a copy of the book, along with a pretty teacup and tea to give away to one lucky commenter, so show her some love in the comments!   [winner will be announced on Sunday]

 Vampires Can Wear White Hats Too

Okay, I’ll admit, vampires look better in black. Those blood drops and occasional smears can be murder to get out of light-colored clothing. But on some occasions, I like to make sure my vampires get to wear the white hats. Not literally—but as the heroes in my wild western brand of steampunk romance.
You see while my Legend Chronicles series revolves around three brothers who are supernatural Hunters, trained from an early age to slay Darkin such demons, vampires and hellhounds, I was determined to throw each of these guys for a loop. So what’s worse that having to battle to the death with Darkin – having to partner up with one, especially one who’s attractive as sin.
Enter my latest heroine, Alexandra Porter, the Lady Drossenburg, contessa, vampire diplomat and in line to become the vampire Imperial Majesty’s bride. Her mission is to convince Winchester Jackson to help the vampire court locate a piece of the missing Book of Legend that’s been stolen from them. The logic is simple enough – we don’t want humans exterminated because humans=food and new vampires, no food and no new vampires=no vampires. But the contessa (or as Winchester Jackson dubs her “Tessa”) has more than that on her mind. She’s a heroine trapped in her world by circumstance and privilege. She’s an amateur inventor (hardly a suitable occupation for one of the most high ranking of vampire nobility) and she’s tired of living under the outdated strictures of the vampire court.
Alexa sees the American West as a vast land of wild space and opportunity to simply be herself. And she sees Winchester as more of a dangerously attractive ally than a threatening enemy. I did something else off beat for my vampire. I wanted to make sure she was just as strong, just as capable of fighting as my hero (not something one would normally see in either a romance, or a historical setting). But then, this is steampunk—and anything—yes, anything—is possible. Even vampires with their own airships.
Once Winchester realizes that Alexa/Tessa has been protecting him, he’s a bit bent about it. After all, he’s been trained as the big badass Hunter since he could toddle. But it also opens him up to seeing that just like all Hunters are not alike (he runs up against several that aren’t nearly as worthy of white hats as he is) neither are all Darkin, and certainly not all vampires. In many ways this book is about accepting the other as just as valid, just as real as ourselves.
For someone who’s seen life as only black and white, seeing a vampire as the good guy ( or in this case the good girl) is a huge stretch for Winchester. Being willing to protect and give his life for a vampire, an even bigger stretch, but one he’s willing to make by the end of the book. As for Alexa/Tessa, I’m thrilled to make a vampire that’s part of the winning team and the good guys. After all, vampires can wear white hats too!
In honor of my steampunk romance, The Slayer, being released this week, and my vampire heroine, I’m giving away an
Advanced Reader Copy of THE SLAYER, along with an autographed cover flat and an antique china cup (cups will vary) accompanied by an assortment of teas and decadent Bliss chocolate. Want to win? Leave a comment on why vampires make the best good guys/girls to enter!

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Lorelei said...

Well, this is really different. Sounds like a good romance to curl up with over the summer.

SandyG265 said...

I think vampires are good as good guys because they can use their vampire powers.

CrystalGB said...

Vampires make great good guys because they are experienced in lots of areas because they have lived a long time and know the best way to handle situations and have learned from their past mistakes.

CrystalGB said...

Vampires make great good guys because they are experienced in lots of areas because they have lived a long time and know the best way to handle situations and have learned from their past mistakes.

Juliana's World said...

Vampires make a good guy because they have great power which can be used to help human being. Their supernatural power can be a deadly weapon for the enemy, like mind control, super fast and read human minds.
Julianaekin at yahoo dot com

Rain Maiden said...

Vampires are those creatures that are mysterious and prey on us for our blood. We're not the top of the food chain anymore. I look forward to getting into this series, love the mix of vampires and steampunk. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway.

tami said...

vampires make the best good guys/girl because they will help you when you need the help only if you stay on their good side other wise look out. i wouldn't mind having one as a friend.

Na said...

Vampires are my favorite paranormal creatures and I like their allure. They are mysterious, are similar to humans in some aspects but have enhanced powers. They can make a story more interesting when they put those powers to use.


Blodeuedd said...

Any possibility of it being open worldwide?

Anyway, just dled the kindle freebie ;) YAY, sure I do not got an e.reader but I so wanna try this series.

And vamps, well they are just sexy and mysterious

Jen B. said...

I just got The Hunter on my Kindle. I am excited to find new authors to read. This series interests me because I really like Steampunk. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Barbara E. said...

I think vampires make the best good guys because they're strong, mysterious, and have fantastic powers that enable them to defeat the bad guys whenever needed.
I just happen to be reading The Hunter right now and I'm loving it. I'd had it on my TBR pile for a while and when I saw The Slayer was coming out I figured I should read it. And then when I found out it was free on the Kindle, I made sure to tell my sister to download it. I'm really looking forward to reading The Slayer.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Lil said...

I guess the reason why vampires make the best good guys/girls is that it is such an unexpected role for a vampire. Generally, speaking I have grown up with vampires as being if not evil, at least having no regard for the living.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Chelsea B. said...

I think they make the best good guys because they have this huge drive to kill, and they (well, at least, some ;-) don't. Killing is like a calling to them, and to completely ignore that, makes you pretty dang strong.