Saturday, April 21, 2012

~The Secret Circle~ Crystal

Faye and Melissa are looking through Dawn’s stuff for the crystal and they find Dawn’s journal. In which Faye concludes that her mother and John Blackwell had an affair with John Blackwell.   

Diana tells the group that there’s not a crystal at her house.  Adam suggests that he and Cassie go look for crystals and she vetoes the idea saying she already told Jake she was going with him. 

Cassie tells John that her grandma is coming home and he should try to get along with her. 

Diana meets Grant and at first she tells him that she can’t hang out with him, but she convinces Adam and Melissa that they don’t need her.  She goes off with Grant.

Melissa runs into Callum and he says he’d never hurt her.  Jake interrupts and he tells Callum to stay away from them.

Cassie comes home to find her grandma in the kitchen.  She tells Jane that John is going to call and that she wants them to try and get along with each other. 

While waiting on Faye, Jake wants to know why Cassie wanted to go with him and she tells him that its hard being around Adam.  He mentions that he thought the spell had made her forget and she says that it’s just weird being around him.  Faye jumps back in the truck and they don’t notice that Callum is following them.

Adam Melissa looking through crystals and there are way too many of them.  Apparently Melissa’s grandma collects rocks.

Faye, Cassie, and Jake head out to his grandpa’s and they search his house they find what Jake calls a conspiracy wall.  Cassie realizes they are on the wall and takes photos of the wall.  Jake’s grandpa comes in and slides a pool table toward them.   They slide it back and he realizes that they’re a bound circle.  He tells them that the circle will be the death of them all. 

Charles and John run into each other.  Charles tells John that he betrayed them by raising demons and John says he thought that was the only way to stop the hunters.

Jane and Charles are plotting to kill John.  Jane blames John for killing Amelia. 

Jake’s grandpa gives them a history lesson and tells them that the witches from Salem split into three circles.  Balcoin blood corrupted one of the circles, teaching them dark magic. John knew he could never corrupt the Chance Harbor circle, he needed to control it from the inside.  He wanted children from the circle.  Faye tells Cassie about the affair that John and Dawn had.  Faye concludes that she must be the other child.  Jake admits that he was told that Blackwell had two children in the circle but he thought Issac was lying.  Jake’s grandpa tells them the crystals were split between the elders and when put together it forms a skull a pure form a magic. 

Diana and Grant are trying to have their date when Melissa and Adam interrupts them. Grant leaves and Diana tells him that she will meet him later. 

Callum ends up stealing a map from Jake’s grandfather that shows where the crystal is.  Cassie has a photo of the map on her phone and sends it to Adam and Melissa.  They can get to the mine before they can. Jake and his grandfather have a touching moment and he says that he’s sorry about Nick’s death and he tells Jake to be safe. 

Diana meets Grant but gets a call and has to leave.  He tells her that he just wanted one day to show her who he really was and that he was lying to try and get close to her and she’s lying to get away from him.  She apologies and tells him that if he can give her a day that she will show him the real her.  He says he doesn’t know when he’ll be coming back and she kisses him and says she’s sorry and leaves. 

John goes to visit Jane and her spell works keeping him in a chair and she uses the crystal to get the truth about Amelia out of him.  She tells Charles she can’t kill him if he didn’t kill Amelia.  Charles takes the jar and says that he can.  He lights a match and burns the items in the jar.  Jane falls to the ground dead.  John tells Charles that he spent hours and hours in the house did he not think that he knew about the hatred Jane had for him?  John leaves Charles there with Jane’s body.

Adam and Melissa go into the mine after the crystal.  Adam heroically swings across a deep hole and retrieves the crystal only to have Callum find them and point a gun at them.  Adam grabs for the gun and it goes off.   Callum takes the crystal and takes off. 

Melissa and the rest of them get there just in time to hear the gun shot and Cassie can’t get into the cave because it’s blocked to dark magic she couldn’t breathe.  They see Callum take off on his bike.  Trying to kick in her dark magic Faye stands in front of his bike and Melissa has to push her out of the way.  Cassie uses her powers to make Callum wreck his bike and they get the crystal back. 

Melissa tells Callum that she can’t let him hurt their circle and Jake marks him and tells him that if he comes back into Chance Harbor they will know.

Faye talks to John about being his daughter.  John tells her that Dawn was a little obsessed and that was what Faye’s father liked about Dawn—her strength—her passion. He wishes that he would have lived to see Faye now.  He tells her that she’s not alone and that she has her circle and that he’s not her father, but he’s here for her too.

Diana tells Cassie that she needs to take a break from the circle.  Cassie tells her that she started the circle and led them to be together.  Diana tells her that she can’t be with Grant and the circle… the circle is suffocating her.  Cassie tells her that if the circle isn’t complete they could die.  Diana agrees to see the witch hunter problem through and then she’s done.  Cassie tells her that Adam and Melissa almost died because they weren’t together.  Diana tells her that she couldn’t get into the mine it felt like she was suffocating!  Cassie looks shocked.  She tells Diana that she couldn’t get into the mine either.  She’s the one…  Diana is her sister.

So what did you guys think?  Were you as shocked as I was about Diana being a Blackwell?  My first guess was Faye... because of Dawn's obsession.  The second guess was Melissa because of the dynamic between John and Melissa when they were talking about her mom.  I just didn't ever expect that it was Diana.

Also has anyone noticed the chemistry between Melissa and Adam?  Maybe it's just me but they seem to be together more often and they in close physical proximity  to each other. 

Can't wait for next week's episode!

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