Saturday, April 28, 2012

~The Secret Circle~ Traitor

At Jane’s wake, Cassie is dealing with losing more family members.  She tells Diana that she would be really happy if Diana were her sister.

Jake and Faye discuss the witch hunters and decide they need to take the edge off.  Faye tells Jake that there are pills in her mom’s purse that will make them feel better.  Faye distracts Dawn while Jake takes the bottle.  They end up at his house about to have sex when they realize Dawn had the crystal hidden in the pill bottle.  --attacking Jane in her own home--we could go after them--you worry about yourself--that’s what you’re best at--

Cassie retreats to her room and Adam follows her and they talk about her mom and the loss of family.  She kisses him but John interrupts.  Cassie tells John that her grandmother is dead and her father slept with half of Chance Harbor.  John tells her that he was with Elizabeth once when her mom and he broke up and that he will try to be there Diana as well as her.  John tells her that they have to remain focused, that the witch hunters are close.  Cassie tells him that she wants to kill them. 

Charles and Diana discuss her being the daughter of John Blackwell.  Charles is shocked and then admits that he and Elizabeth hit a rough spot and spent some time apart.  Charles tells her that he will always be her father and that she needs to stay away from John Blackwell. 

The group gets together and Cassie apologizes to Adam for kissing him.  Diana tells Cassie that she told Charles about John and that he had no idea.  Faye found her crystal and the group splits up to find the others. 

Adam confides in Melissa that Cassie kissed him and he figures out the cloaking spell that his grandfather used to hide the crystal. 

One of the crystals disappears off the table and Jake suggests they talk to Issac.  Instead of Issac coming Ian shows up and Cassie gets angry.  Ian tells Jake that Issac is dead at Eben’s hands and that the with hunters don’t like Eben’s methods.   Cassie tries to kill Ian and Diana makes her stop it. 

Charles confronts John and they get into a public fight and Charles tells John that he is taking Diana and leaving town.  Meanwhile Dawn realizes the crystal is gone. 

John goes to see Dawn and tells her that Diana is her daughter and Dawn says that was my biggest mistake was not conceiving a child with you.  He tells her that Diana can’t leave if they are going to eliminate the witch hunters and the elders so they can have their powers back.  Dawn tells him that she will talk to Charles.  

Diana, Cassie, Jake, and Faye realize the crystal is a t Hudson Fields, which is apparently a creepy old carnival area.  They track the traitor witch into the carnival and find the witch hunters that are against Eben dead.   

Dawn goes to see Charles and convinces him to stay and fight John. 

Cassie and Diana chase down the traitor with and Diana keeps Cassie from killing another person.  Cassie just knocks him down and gets the crystal.  They realize who the traitor witch is…  Nick is alive.  

So who was completely shocked that Nick is alive and the traitor?  I have to admit that I was shocked he was the one betraying them.  I am leaning more toward he’s still possessed by that demon.  Or maybe Eben saved him before he actually died and he’s pissed at Charles/the witches for causing him to almost die.  What’s your theories? 

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